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Why positive affirmations alone won’t work

Affirmations are positive sentences that are used to influence your conscious and subconscious thoughts. They help motivate you by bringing your current goal into mind with a positive image. However, their potential to create lasting change is limited.

These limitations come from the source of the affirmations, and not the affirmations themselves. The source is a person who desires that reward from a breakthrough. Instead of creating a breakthrough, they get stuck in a pattern of not seeing the results. The lack of results will eventually weigh them down to the point of chalking affirmations up as another failed attempt at success.

Affirmations alone cannot manifest results.

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If you want affirmations to be a success in your life, you have to address two missing pieces. First, you have to believe that the affirmation is possible. If you feel like you are lying, the affirmation will not carry that positive reinforcement. When you decide that what you want is possible, those affirmations will become a true motivator. You can now use those affirmations to shed light on what you already know is possible. The goals that are connected to your affirmations have to be attainable, even if they are a stretch to you.

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The second missing piece is inspired action. How often do you create goals and never move toward them? You can dream all day long, but you have to move toward that dream to make it a reality. When you take inspired action you are aligning yourself with your bigger vision. The affirmations are stepping stones to get there. If you are a love coach and desire more clients, you can create affirmations that reflect your desire. However, you have to create a plan to get more clients! You have to take the steps toward your goal by creating a lead generator.

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Let me give you another example: If you are trying to lose weight, you have to set an attainable goal. For this example, we will say you want to lose 10 pounds. You can say your daily affirmations every day, twice a day, for a month. But, you will only lose the weight if you also take inspired action and start walking each day.

If you are ready to create a lasting change, connect your daily affirmations with attainable goals and take inspired action. Your dreams are closer than you think.

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