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Man posts photo of sleeping girlfriend and it’s not creepy at all

Posting a photo on social media of a person sleeping is weird and creepy, right? Apparently not all the time. One Imgur user has gone viral after the “creep shot” he took of his sleeping girlfriend has garnered massive attention — for all the right reasons.

The unnamed man on Imgur (username chickenismurder) took a photo of his girlfriend sleeping beside a pile of textbooks. If she were 20 and in college, this might be totally par for the course. But she is 38. And a single mom of two kids. And working her tail off to get her degree.

See below:

The caption reads:

“My 38 year old girlfriend just started her second quarter of college. She’s raised two kids, 15 and 10, on her own, has piss all parents and was the victim in not one but two domestic violence cases. This is how I found her tonight. I’m so proud of this woman I could burst. We went wedding ring shopping earlier today and I think I’m ready to make the best decision of my life. FP Edit: Wow! I had no idea Imgur could be so amazing despite the forgotten cat tax! Thanks for all the kind words of support you guys! This woman profoundly inspires me and it sounds like she has many of you. Also, I’m gonna take all of y’alls advice and marry the shit out of her. Send me all your love stories. FP Edit 2: some dog tax.”

Precious, right? In general, I find cheesy displays from people I don’t know to be suspect. It always seems like these viral memes are from couples who have known each other 3.2 seconds and are now declaring their undying adoration. Yeah, dude. Call me when you see her with her makeup off for the first time.

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But this is different.

He’s not making a sanctimonious statement or pointing out that his girlfriend is more beautiful than someone else or anything else. He is stating exactly what he loves about her. She’s a hard worker. She’s a survivor. She values education. She is a good parent. All these things speak to her character and are all the right reasons to marry and fall in love.

So many people get married for all the wrong reasons. They think it’s time. They want to please their families. The person is “good enough.” Maybe they don’t think those things consciously, but it’s a part of the package. And then they find out the person they married is not the person they thought. Besides, we all grow old. We all get sick. Over the course of a 50-year marriage, that beautiful young thing you wed will turn into an older person with a lot of character but less dewy skin and more flaps of skin.

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Instead, we all should focus on nonphysical qualities when we are considering our future. Is the person kind? Funny? Ambitious? Do they have the right values? Do those values jibe with our own? Do we want the same things? Are they loyal? Hardworking? You know the drill. We all do. But we don’t always follow it.

Not only is this an incredibly romantic and sweet gesture, but it’s also a reminder for us all: Be together for the right reasons. Love each other for the right reasons. You might never go viral, but you will have a very happy life.

I hope this couple makes it official. They are adorable.

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Image: Christopher Malcolm/Digital Vision/Getty Images

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