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Wonderful grandson brought his wedding to his 91-year-old grandma (PHOTOS)

We’ve heard many touching wedding stories in the past — brides who make their own wedding dresses, grooms who craft tribute dances for their new wives… However few hit a nerve quite like this one.

Brian and Lauren Kurtulik found out a few days before their wedding that Brian’s 91-year-old grandmother, Peggy McCormack, had fallen and broken her ankle. Because of her advanced age, she had to be hospitalized, and thus would not be able to attend the wedding. Needless to say, she was devastated. The couple’s wedding photographer, Rachel Nolan told SheKnows, “She had been so excited for this day — she was living for this wedding.”

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However, Peggy would not let a little broken bone get her down. Even though she knew she couldn’t be there physically, she dressed to the nines for the occasion anyway to show her support. She even donned a little wrist corsage. Little did she know how appropriate her attire was for the surprise that awaited her.

Suddenly, the bride and groom walked into her hospital room, fresh from their wedding ceremony. Peggy was genuinely shocked. The couple had mentioned they might stop by the following day, but that was just to throw her off the scent. And Nolan was there to capture all the incredibly candid moments between grandmother, grandson and now granddaughter-in-law.

Image: Rachel Nolan/Hello Gorgeous Photography

Nolan told SheKnows that at first, she wasn’t sure if her presence would feel like an intrusion on an intimate family moment. However, once she saw what unfolded, she was so glad she chose to say. “I remember following Lauren and Brian in closely so I didn’t miss her reaction, and as soon as she saw them and her face lit up? There wasn’t a dry eye in the entire room. I just stood back and watched things happen, tried not to make too much noise and just… watch. Honestly, I was worried that none of the images would turn out at one point, the tears were falling so hard — I couldn’t see a thing!”

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Image: Rachel Nolan/Hello Gorgeous Photography
Image: Rachel Nolan/Hello Gorgeous Photography

…Aaand I’m a puddle of tears. This is just one of the sweetest, most genuinely good things I’ve ever seen a couple do on their wedding day. It obviously meant the world to Peggy — not only did she get to be with them on their wedding day, she got to be an integral part of their photos, which they’ll hopefully cherish for the rest of their lives.

Sadly, Peggy passed away about a month after the wedding. However, one of her last memories was up there with some of the best anyone can hope to have. The bride commented on Instagram, “Thank god we did this and got to capture this special moment. THIS is what life is all about… We get so lost in the perfect moments and perfect situations, sometimes we forget what’s happening right now…” Truer words were never uttered.

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It’s easy for brides and grooms to get swept up in the craziness of their wedding day and forget what all the celebrating is really about. It’s about these little moments of love that make up a lifetime, and sometimes, hopefully, end up in a photo album so you never forget them.

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