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Man meets woman on a bus and writes a sweet open letter to find her

We love a good love story, especially the seemingly impossible ones, and the tale of a man going by the nickname “Bus Guy” is definitely one in a million.

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On New Year’s Eve, the mystery man encountered a “quirky girl” during his bus trip from Brisbane’s Camp Hill to the Cultural Centre, a girl he “can’t stop thinking about” — but he was too shy to ask for her name or number. Instead, he penned a romantic letter several days later, which he posted on a Byron Bay community board, pleading for locals to help him find his dream girl.

The man concluded his post with, “I didn’t get your number. I didn’t even get your name. The regret is eating me alive as I know that I may never see you a second time. You were just so damn fun and adorable. I’ve never been so curious about and so enthralled by anyone in my life.

“It’s a long shot posting this here but I’d like to try. If you somehow stumble upon this, let me know!

“I need to see those pink boots again. Coffee?”

Man pens sweet letter in attempt to find his mystery girl
Image: Bus Guy/Facebook

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The post got quite a bit of traction and has been shared almost 6,000 times. And the comments on the post prove we aren’t the only ones who enjoy a bit of romance.

“I’m calling it early. Best post of 2016 to date,” Amy Phillips wrote.

“This is so damn cute!! Good luck!!” Jennifer Delv shared. And Sarina Daniels agreed, writing, “Good luck mate ! I hope you get to meet up. Spoken from the heart ! Love it !” (sic)

But did he get his girl?

Bus Guy has thankfully taken to Facebook to update those who helped him, and while he won’t be having coffee with the girl in pink boots, he will be having lunch with her.

Ah, how we love a happy ending!

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