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Couple’s wedding night was ruined by naked, drugged out Airbnb-ers

There have been some pretty horrific Airbnb horror stories circulating the Internet as of late, but none involving newlyweds. Until now.

You might be tempted to blame the newlyweds in this case, because they chose to rent out their home to relative strangers on their wedding night. Yes, that was mistake number one, but you’ll soon see how they could easily justify it.

Canadian couple Justine Smith and Francisco Peres had planned a small, intimate wedding for New Year’s Eve. After a night out celebrating with 20 or so friends, they looked forward to coming home to their quiet, charming Montreal apartment. However, that was far from what they ended up getting.

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The couple normally rents out a few rooms in their apartment on Airbnb, but due to an oversight, they forgot to turn off instant booking for their wedding night (aka New Year’s Eve). As such, another Canadian couple booked it, and when Smith tried to cancel their reservation, they begged her to reconsider, swearing that they’d be “super chill.” Famous last words.

Smith finally agreed to let the young, 20-something couple from Ottawa stay, because it was, after all, a holiday, and they needed the money.

After a day and night of celebrating, Smith and Peres came home around 2:30 a.m. to no guests, but a huge mess in the living room. However, since they were worn out from the day’s events, they opted to go to sleep and worry about it in the morning.

Not long after they retired to their bedroom, they heard the young Ottawa couple return, and immediately start cutting and snorting cocaine on their glass coffee table in the living room. While the newlyweds were quite put off by this, they didn’t think it was worth getting out of bed and reprimanding their guests… yet. Then the orgy started.

For the next while, Smith and Peres could hear people having sex in the living room on their couch. Smith told BuzzFeed it was “not super loud, but we can definitely hear them, and it just wasn’t worth asking them to please not have sex on our couch.” Then morning came.

Smith came out of her bedroom, and was shocked to find two totally naked strangers asleep on her couch. One actually wished her “Happy New Year’s.” Can we say next sequel to The Hangover? This put her over the edge, so she went to wake up the Ottawa couple and confront them. At this point, she was probably not surprised to find they had a third person in bed with them.

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Thankfully, the young Airbnb-ers and their newfound friends seemed just as horrified by their own behavior as Smith was, and proceeded to apologize profusely while they began to clean the apartment. “They did a pretty good job. No deep cleaning, but they did take out all the garbage, and moved the furniture back. I was pretty impressed.” Yeah. A healthy dose of shame coupled with a ton of cocaine can help anyone put a mess back in order quickly.

However, not all the damage could be fixed with a little elbow grease. The newlywed’s rug was an unfortunate casualty due to the number of, shall we say, sexual escapade stains on it. “Our relationship with the carpet was never going to be the same,” said Smith.

In the end, all five guests, both invited and uninvited, were gone by 11 a.m. However, they left an amazing, handwritten apology in their wake.
I believe the moral of this story is pretty self-evident.

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