This hilarious video debunks the myths surrounding your period

Jan 6, 2016 at 1:23 p.m. ET

Hey ladies, you know that time of the month when the period demon starts twisting your insides, hungry for blood? Well, thanks to CollegeHumor, it looks like his secret is out.

A few hilarious women over at the infamous online comedy video source decided to come clean about what we really go through during our monthly menses. As you know, it's not pretty, but thanks to them, we no longer have to hide behind our PMS headaches and avoid sex because it's "messy." Their cute and informative PSA tells it like it is so that guys can no longer use period stereotypes against us.

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In case you don't have three minutes to watch the whole video (guys, I'm looking at you), here's what you need to know:

1. The most common nicknames for a woman's period are Aunt Flo, Shark Week and riding the cotton pony to blood town.

2. From adolescence to middle age, we bleed roughly once a month for three to five days.

3. In that time, we produce approximately two gallon-size containers of blood per hour.

4. Pretty much every woman you know bleeds monthly.

5. Period blood attracts snakes and alligators who live in the sewers up the pipes.

6. We have powerful, blood-hungry demons living inside us instead of organs.

7. We have periods to keep the demon satiated so it doesn't punch a hell-scape into the world.

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If you fellas figured out that only three of these seven "facts" are actually true, then you're doing pretty well by the ladies in your life. Now for the myths:

1. You can't have sex on your period (yes, some guys actually believe this).

2. Women have lost their virginity to a tampon.

3. Period blood can be used to stop forest fires (sadly no, but it can excite wild animals).

So there you have it. Periods are not nearly as scary as you guys might think, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be sensitive to the women folk in your life when they're on it. After all, it's hard work having to beat back that menstrual demon every month using only tampons, pads, menstrual cups and our inner strength. Just kidding. He's actually pretty tame compared to the one that develops when we get pregnant.

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