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Mobile app Swytch is labelled as a tool for cheating lovers

It’s not clear what the original intention behind new mobile app Swytch was, but it’s quickly getting a reputation for making the lives of cheating partners a whole lot easier.

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Swytch lets you have multiple numbers on your phone — up to five extra numbers on the same handset.

It’s free for the first six months, then a number of subscription packages are available: £4.99 per month, £14.99 for six months or £24.99 for 12 months.

It certainly does seem as if Swytch would make it easier to stray, for those who are that way inclined, but we can think of a few other ways it could come in handy: for signing up to mailing lists, giving out to people who meet on dating sites and as a work number for those who work from home.

The app’s co-founder and CEO has addressed the fact that Swytch is being hailed as the love rat’s favourite new app.

“When Pay As You Go was first launched, those that worked in mobile retail used to joke that the only people buying it were drug dealers, criminals and adulterers,” Chris Michael said, as reported in The Mirror. “Swytch makes it possible for people to have multiple numbers on their existing mobile phone, and while this may assist people who have already decided to have affairs, I cannot believe that would be a factor in their decision to start one.”

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“Facebook made it easier to meet people and dating app Tinder literally made it easier to hook up with people. The bottom line is: If someone wants to hide something, they will find a way,” he added.

According to Michael, Swytch will be of most use to those who are fed up getting spam calls on their mobile.

“We focus on helping people who were displaying their main number online and getting spam calls or being harassed, because they did not have a proper alternative,” he said.

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