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10 Images that perfectly describe relationships in the modern age

The basic elements of a relationship, such as love, trust, respect and compromise, won’t ever change no matter how much the world evolves in other ways.

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What the digital age has done is put modern relationships out there for us all to analyse. From reality TV to Instagram, we know more about what couples are getting up to than ever before — whether we like it or not. Here are 10 images that perfectly sum up relationships of the modern age.

1. Computer games can be make or break

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2. You only need your thumb to ditch or date

3. Love doesn’t mean going offline

4. Everything has another meaning

Modern love is the most amazing thing, innit?

5. Nobody is allowed to be unavailable — ever

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6. Because who needs words anyway?

7. Divorce doesn’t have to be the end of the world

8. In fact, let’s make it a reason to celebrate

9. True love comes in all forms

10. Ultimately the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself
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