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Man wishes old girlfriends a Merry EX-mas and all hell breaks loose

An ex tends to be one for a reason and perhaps not likely to enjoy a random Christmas message.

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What would be even less appealing is being lumped into a Whatsapp group filled with other exes of your former boyfriend. However a British man named Tom clearly thought it would be a good idea (admittedly after a few drinks) to create a Christmas group called “Merry EX-mas” to send his former girlfriends festive wishes.

The messages were uploaded on The LAD Bible on Dec. 29 and have caused a bit of an Internet sensation, having been liked more than 34,000 times and shared over 8,300 times. And for good reason — the exchange is completely hilarious.

Tom began his messages with, “Merry Christmas girls I just thought you might want to share some memories of me with each other as am lonely this year and miss the lot of ya [sic].”

He continued, “I just thought I wanna get you all together in a group and say thanks for spending parts of your life with me even if it was a long time or a short time Bella lol.”

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Honestly, we’re not surprised by most of the women in the group’s reactions but they make for an entertaining read regardless. Here’s how the interaction between Tom, Gemma, Bella, Steph and Lisa went down.

Bella really didn’t see the humour in the exchange and she has every right to be angry, telling Tom “you are really a f***ing disgusting prick” for putting her in the same group as a woman (Steph) he reportedly slept with while they were together.

And then Bella and Steph started blasting each other for the awkward situation that Tom put them in.

Steph responded by writing, “Think what you want but Tom said you weren’t together after the holiday coz you f***ed it.”

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But one person who enjoyed the texts was Gemma (who was with Tom when they were in school) and she clearly has one hell of a sense of humour. Her responses include, “This is f***in hilarious, I can’t cope (sic)” and “Omg Tom, you crack me up.” In fact Tom may have even scored himself a date thanks to his efforts.

Oh Tom, why you thought this was a good idea we just don’t know. But at least it’s providing countless people with a bit of a laugh. If you want to read the full exchange head over to The LAD Bible.

Have you ever done something like this to your exes? Let us know in the comments below.

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