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Hilarious gym ‘documentary’ explains weird exercise behavior (VIDEO)

Anyone who has spent any time at the gym knows how to spot the clichés. The loud dude. The hot chicks. The woman covered in makeup who is there only to be seen. We have seen them all. And now a new video from Buff Dudes has a hilarious “documentary” send-up of them.

The video addresses the mating rituals and general silliness that abounds in the gym and primarily in the weight room. It’s one of the funniest things I have ever seen. See below:

After more than two decades spent going to the gym almost every day, I can officially say I have seen all these stereotypes. Regardless of the level of gym, regardless of the dues or how upscale the place is supposed to be, every single gym has these people.

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There is: the man who grunts and groans with every set. The woman whose entire goal seems to be to show off her perfect boobs. The men who are only there to meet women. And then there are the men who wear things that are horrifying beyond belief.

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Yup. Present and accounted for.

My husband even promises me that the nude men in their 80’s are all present in the male locker room as well. Why is this? We may never know.

But thank you to this video for defining it so well. As of Friday, they will all be there. Regular gym goes dread January 1 for this reason. Our gym, the space in which we spend so much time, will be overrrun. For about two weeks. Then it dies down. As we ride this wave, let’s all try to remember the real reason we are in the gym: to get fit. To be healthy.

So pop on your ear buds and tune out the noise. It’s all about you.

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