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Man text-proposes to girlfriend while stranded at Chicago O’Hare

Like thousands of others, Danny Roderique was stuck at Chicago O’Hare International Airport for 50 hours on Monday after winter weather forced the cancellation of his flight back to Phoenix.

So, he figured this was the perfect time to propose to his girlfriend.

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“Marry me. Took me hours to pick this ring out none of them were good enough for you,” he texted his girlfriend. Either this is an incredibly sweet message — like “none of them were good enough” because she’s so special — or a passive aggressive dig. Not quite sure, but his girlfriend was pretty thrilled with the proposal.

“OMG!!!!!!! You serious?!?!? Baby YES!!!!! I’m balling [sic] my eyes out right now. OMG!” the woman identified in the text as Heather wrote back. Then they both exchanged “I love you”s.

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The proposal seems like the perfectly imperfect ending to a year full of over-the-top proposals. There was the one with the guy who used a puppy to pop the question. Then there was the husband-to-be who took his wife-to-be on an around-the-world quest as a part of their proposal. And then there was the one where the guy knocked out a would-be robber who interrupted his special speech.

And you know what? Good for them. While many of us would scoff at the lack of planning that went into his proposal, it’s clearly working for them, and sometimes the simplest methods are the best.

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We just don’t think Chicago will end up being their honeymoon destination.

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