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Fireman’s classroom proposal to his teacher girlfriend is adorable (VIDEO)

Firefighters are heroes. It’s a fact. Even the smallest children know this. So when a fireman comes to class, that’s a grand day, indeed. But a group of New York City elementary students got a lot more than a safety lecture this past week when a member of the FDNY visited their classroom.

Natalie Moy is a teacher in New York City and her boyfriend, David Royael, is a New York City firefighter. Adorable, right? But it gets better. Last week, when he showed up to give a fire safety lesson to her class. He did just that. But he did a little something extra, too. See below: 

Seeing those happy kids just warms the heart and the couple is pretty darn cute, too.

But also, there is this: He really took a chance here, right? What if she’d said no?

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Maybe I am cynical because I have been engaged a few times before I really found the one I wanted to be with. But not every boyfriend and girlfriend are on the same page. Some people are big fans of the public proposal, but I am not one of them. Because the truth is, it puts a whole lot of pressure on the person being proposed to.

In this case, only adorableness ensued. But he took a chance. I wish them the best, but I also have to assume they have a pretty rock solid relationship given the way she said yes before he’d even completd the proposal. He probably knew it was a sure thing.

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For other people, I’d advise caution. If there is any doubt, keep those proposals private. Meanwhile, I love how they kept their enthusiasm G-rated. It’s hard to imagine a more adorable or more enthusiastic audience for this happy couple and while I have some doubts about proposals that involve other people, it’s sure hard to fault this particular one in anyway.

This might be the cutest proposal of all time.

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