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The most unique searched fitness trends in every state

The only thing better than trying one of the trendy new workouts is seeing what all your neighbors are trying out. Workout voyeurism at its best!

As 2015 comes to a close, Google has released the most-searched-for unique workouts in each state over the past year (highlights include “muffin top workout” and “dead bug exercise”). Vox has compiled the data into a handy interactive map so you can see if your fitness love lines up with the rest of your neighbors. In a nutshell…

Video workouts reigned supreme. Alaskans went beast mode with Body Beast, Idahoans went insane for Insanity, folks from Tennessee and Maine got pumped with P90X, and Arkansians (is that a word?) loved PiYo — that is, Pilates Yoga.

People from Illinois were honest, ‘fessing up to too-tight pants by searching for the “muffin top workout.” (I’m going to assume they mean the anti-muffin top workout. Although either would be awesome!)

Floridians searched most for exotic dancer workouts. Because of course they did.

Oregonians kept it weird by searching for “dead bug exercise.” (Are they trying to become a Portlandia sketch?) Runner-up for the weird award: Rhode Island’s top search for forearm exercises — perhaps working on their killer handshakes?

Midwesterners love to lift. Various weight lifting workouts were hugely popular in Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, West Virginia and Montana, among others.

Everyone wants a bigger something. When it comes to muscles, bigger always seems to be better. For example, exercisers in Maryland want big butts (and they cannot lie), while Washingtonians want larger pecs, and Californians want super-size calves.

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Curious as to how your state stacks up? Here’s the full list:

  1. Alabama — baseball
  2. Alaska — Body Beast workout
  3. Arizona — dumbbell leg workouts
  4. Arkansas — PiYo
  5. California — best calves exercises
  6. Colorado — skiing
  7. Connecticut — medicine ball workouts
  8. Delaware — good shoulder exercises
  9. Florida — exotic workouts
  10. Georgia — bench press workouts
  11. Hawaii — TRX workout routines
  12. Idaho — Insanity workout
  13. Illinois — muffin top workouts
  14. Indiana — weight lifting workouts
  15. Iowa — lifting workouts
  16. Kansas — Pilates
  17. Kentucky — soccer
  18. Louisiana — oblique exercises
  19. Maine — P90X
  20. Maryland — bigger butt workouts
  21. Massachusetts — jump rope workouts
  22. Michigan — Pilates
  23. Minnesota — Bosu ball exercises
  24. Mississippi — exercises for abs
  25. Missouri — HIIT workouts
  26. Montana — leg workouts
  27. Nebraska — dumbbell workouts
  28. Nevada — hamstring workouts
  29. New Hampshire — Tabata workouts
  30. New Jersey — HIIT treadmill workouts
  31. New Mexico — Tabata workouts
  32. New York — lower chest workouts
  33. North Carolina — burpees
  34. North Dakota — back exercises
  35. Ohio — spinning
  36. Oklahoma — boot camp
  37. Oregon — Dead Bug exercises
  38. Pennsylvania — lifting
  39. Rhode Island — forearm exercises
  40. South Carolina — exercises for stomach
  41. South Dakota — P90X
  42. Tennessee — P90X3
  43. Texas — plyometrics
  44. Utah — Kate Hudson workouts
  45. Vermont — HIIT workouts
  46. Virginia — kettlebell workouts
  47. Washington — pectoral workouts
  48. West Virginia — triceps workouts
  49. Wisconsin — Jillian Michaels workouts
  50. Wyoming — inner thigh exercises

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