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4 Ways to stay healthier in the winter

Staying healthy during the winter is a nightmare for many of those around the country, especially those in the colder climates. It is not impossible to stay healthy if you stick to a certain routine and make sure your health is on your mind when making decisions. Sticking to these tips might still leave you sick or unhealthy but it will definitely reduce the risks of getting sick or hurt during this winter.

1. Nutritional health

Image: Terese Condella/SheKnows

It is easy with all of the holidays to break a diet or a healthy eating lifestyle. This — obviously — is fine, but not letting your diet break snowball past the holidays is extremely important. If you can avoid alcohol as well this holiday season or at least eliminate drunk eating, you might be able to keep yourself at your desired weight. Most things that are served during holidays are relatively healthy until the desserts come out. Try to limit yourself to a predetermined amount of cheat items that you have. If you can send leftovers home with someone else as far as the desserts go, then this might be your best bet if you have a sweet tooth. Just a word of advice, avoid eggnog at all costs as this can put on excessive amounts of weight in just a few days of consuming it.

2. Eye health

Image: Terese Condella/SheKnows

Getting checked out by an optometrist before the snow really hits is important. The wrong contact lens prescription can lead to a car accident, especially if the visibility is terrible with snow or sleet. Some people do not see very well at night; and with the time change, it gets darker in many places. Having a contact lens that will not begin to fail you if worn too long is important on the dark rides home from a long day at the office. Dry eyes can also plague many people during the winter, and having a contact lens that reduces irritation on dry eyes can get rid of eye irritation and them being dried out. Some people put in an excessive amount of eye drops during this time, which can reduce the eye’s natural ability to produce its own lubrication.

3. Mental health

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The holidays are a happy time for some, but for those who have lost a loved one recently the wounds of this loss can still be open. The holidays are a perfect time to reminisce and talk to family if you are having any emotional problems. Some people get down as the sun isn’t seen for weeks at a time in some of the colder places in the country. There is actually a condition called seasonal affective disorder that explains some of these symptoms. If possible, taking a vacation to somewhere where it is sunny can be a huge help when it comes to emotional problems caused by weather or a death in the family. It can also be beneficial to go somewhere new as old memories could bring up negative emotions.

4. Physical health

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A workout plan can be decimated by a cold front or snow. Another thing that can derail workout plans is family visiting over the holidays. A good way to stay in shape while family is in town is by enlisting them to exercise with you. This will not only keep you accountable, but it can be quite a good time to play pickup sports with your siblings or other family members. Make sure to also take vitamins and supplements during the winter since this can help ward off any illnesses that could be brought into the house via company.

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