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New website is a game changer for the female orgasm

When we’re younger, we’re taught that sex is risky. Don’t have sex. You will die. You will get pregnant (thank you, Mean Girls). Eventually, your hormones (or peer pressure) kick in and you throw caution to the wind and just do it.

It’s usually not with the right person. It usually sucks. And it’s usually done more to satisfy some social norm more than it is about learning how to do it right, for both partners. You know, the actual “whoa that feels good” benefits. All the while, we’re never really told it’s OK to be having sex. It becomes taboo from the moment we become teenagers. Women get so caught up in trying to figure out if we should be feeling bad about having sex, if we’re allowed to flaunt it or if we’ll be judged for it, that we forget we’re actually allowed to enjoy it.

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Let’s face it, sex ed isn’t exactly teaching us how to enjoy sex. It’s teaching us about condoms and scary STDs while any lesson in technique is left for porn, an exaggerated enactment of what sex is actually supposed to be like. And to top it off, Addyi — a pink pill that was promised to help some women achieve better orgasmsdoesn’t really work and has some nasty side effects.

We can do better. We should do better, and a just-launched service is here to help. OMGYes is a sex-ed startup that teaches people about the nuances of that mythical female orgasm through a series of touchable videos that allow users to practice the exact movements that are shown to help women achieve the big O.

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But… how? The researchers at OMGYes studied the experiences of over 2,000 women between 18 and 95 and then created a database of various techniques that bring women to orgasm, like edging (bringing a woman to the brink and then backing off), orbiting (clitoral stimulation) and consistency (keeping everything the same and repetitive). The techniques that work depend on the woman, so the touchable videos teach each method so users have an arsenal of orgasm-stimulating methods.

Here’s how it works: For a one-time payment of $29, you get access to a library of videos that you access on a touchscreen device (like a smartphone or tablet). Each of the videos allows you to practice the exact methods on a virtual vulva, labia and clitoris. The videos are prerecorded, but designed to respond differently to different types of motion.

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This could truly be a game changer, so buy a membership for your significant other — or buy one for yourself — and you’ve got yourself a gift that keeps on giving, over and over again. It’s about time you focused on your own pleasure.

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