Pet pug gets starring role in dog-loving owners’ wedding (PHOTOS)

For one recently married couple their wedding party just wasn’t complete without a certain four-legged friend — their beloved pet pug, Pumpkin.

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Two-year-old Pumpkin, who is actually a pugalier — a pug/King Charles Cavalier cross — definitely stole the show from the bridesmaids as she posed in a white flower collar looking incredibly cute.

Her owner Natalie, 24, told that her wedding to 26-year-old Adam was never going to go ahead without involving her precious pup: “Our friends know what we’re like with Pumpkin, we’ve got canvases all over the house of her. When we go for walks she has the best clothes and trendy hoodies, she’s so spoiled. She’s well known for it around the area and is popular on Instagram, she’s all I post about.”

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“We had the whole reception at a massive golf club, so we managed to get lots of nice pictures across the grounds, and there was lots of room for Pumpkin to run about,” said Natalie. “We’ve had her from day one. As soon as I saw Pumpkin I was in love, she’s honestly my baby. Pumpkin was our only flower girl, we had bridesmaids, but my baby had to have a special spot.”

Pumpkin didn’t join the Chorley couple on their honeymoon but Natalie admits to “spending too much time looking through the huge specialist dog shops” while the newlyweds were in Florida.

“She’s going to have way too many things at Christmas but I couldn’t help it,” she confessed.

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Did you include your pet in your wedding ceremony? Or do you think this is just barking mad? Let us know in the comments below.

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