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4 Easy lifestyle swaps I make to get back on track after the holidays

I’m typically a creature of habit who relies heavily on schedules, meal plans, consistency and routine. But between Christmas shopping, delicious food and holiday festivities, my regular schedule goes out the window during the holiday season.

From October through December, I give myself permission to skip a few days at the gym. I let my kids eat more sweets and we spend a lot of time enjoying the holidays with people we love.

The only challenge with ditching routine for the holidays is getting back into it after the holidays are over. The good news is, it only takes changing one thing at a time to get back on track.

Image: SheKnows

1. Swap out sweets for Chex snack bags

During the holiday, it’s OK to enjoy sweet desserts. But once the new year arrives, I swap out the pie pans and replace them with Chex cereal snack bags. I add dried fruit and nuts to the baggies, making a mix that satisfies our craving for something sweet, while also giving us energy.

2. Swap out juice for water

It’s amazing how much water our bodies need. Most of us, myself included, do not drink enough. To get back on track after the holiday, skip the juice aisle altogether. Instead, fill your water bottle each day and challenge yourself to drink 64 ounces. Water refreshes the body when consumed first thing in the morning and promotes healthy skin.

3. Swap out playing video games for exercise

My kids typically get video games for the holiday and could spend their entire vacation playing — if we let them. Instead, we challenge them to swap out an hour a day doing some kind of physical activity in exchange for an hour of playing video games.

4. Swap out candy for fruit

My kids love candy just as much as the next kid, but too much can be bad for their teeth. During the holidays, I don’t nag them. But the first week of January, I swap out candy jars for bowls filled with fruit. We eat fruit because it’s yummy, but it also boosts our immune system and wards off colds. Fruit gives us the sweetness we’re craving and contains the nutrients and vitamins our bodies need.

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Chex™ and SheKnows.

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