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24 Relationship resolutions our Experts are making in the New Year

Long-term relationships can be rewarding — and tough. Here are the resolutions Experts are making in their partnerships this year.

As a partner, my resolution is…

“… to make sure my partner feels 100% that I’m supportive and loving and that we’re in this together.” — Jessica Michael

“… to stay married! And work hard at it!” — Mitch Chaitin

“… to go on four ’30-hour’ dates with my spouse to truly fall in love again and again and again.” — Amy Smalarz

relationship resolution: listen more
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

“… to listen more, talk less and put down the mobile device while having conversations.” — Laura Nuss

“… more nookie! We’ve been slacking due to three kids, work and moving. Now I want to get back to it!” — Katie Reed

“… to be supportive. My husband is expanding his course load as a professor. I want to support in the best ways he needs.” — Kendra Sales

“… take more care of myself and my needs.” — Lisa Samp

“… to not waste a single moment of our time together. To show him every day how grateful I am that he is my best friend.” — Rena McDaniel

“… to be more willing to do ‘the hard stuff’ without complaint and grumbling!” — Pat Fenner

“… to not sweat the small stuff and to be a safe haven and biggest support system to my spouse.” — Valerie Robinson

“My resolution is for my partner and I to talk once in a while during dinner instead of just watching The Simpsons.” — Dr. Cooper Lawrence

“… to be more supportive of his crazy ideas.” — Crysta Icore

“… to be honest and forthcoming with my thoughts, feelings and intentions. To keep our relationship genuine and respectful.” — Dana Gore

relationship resolution: have a date night
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

“… to schedule a date night twice a month — it’s been years since we have done that and it needs to change!” — Randa Derkson

“… to refrain from expecting perfection when I, myself, am not perfect. We are all human and make mistakes daily.” — Regina Bauscher

relationship resolution: create more rituals
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

“… to create more rituals, travel together more, listen more and be more of what I want to receive.” — Maimah Karmo

“… to spend more quality time with my husband. Most of our time together is spent with our kids, deep in chaos, or on the couch with our laptops in our laps. This year, I plan to spend more time with him, tuned out, and face to face. Date nights here we come!” — Dina Kulik

“… to have fun! Think of fun ways to spend time together beyond going out to dinner on Saturday night.” — Randi Mazzella

“… to look for more ways to help my partner.”  — Jenny Farmer

“Being in a long-term relationship gets routine over time, and so I need to judge less, love more. He won’t always do it my way.” — Tennile Cooper

“… to build him up daily. To let him know daily how much I love and appreciate him.” — Sharon Williams

“Many times as loving partners, communication can get lost. My resolution is to listen more closely to my husband.” — Janelle Robinson

“As a partner, my resolution this year is to see through holy vision, in loving acceptance of others.” — Jan Erickson blank profile

“Enjoy my partner. Repeat.” — Julia Travers

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