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3 Secrets to get your spouse to embrace health changes

Kenda Mullert

I don’t spend a lot of money at Patagonia or REI, and I don’t spend a lot of money at Whole Foods.

I don’t spend a lot of money at Patagonia or REI, and I don’t spend a lot of money at Whole Foods.

I could, but I don’t.

I pretty much live a quite, observant life. I am a middle child, of course, and I learned real quick from what was happening and how things went down. I work full time and I am a mom. When I want to start getting healthy again, which usually means my family also gets healthy again, I have support from my husband.

He is one of my biggest cheerleaders, which I know is rare.

I have a few tricks to share with you to help get your spouse on board with your upcoming health changes. It is New Year’s resolution time, after all.

Here are three secrets to get your spouse on board with your health changes:

1. Start before you tell him

Chances are, you’ve tried this whole “get healthy” thing before; and you’ve been in the huge percentage of people who fail at their resolutions. Your history of starting new things — but never finishing them — is as big as Texas.

What would it be like if you picked one small way of starting before you tell your spouse?

  • Maybe start drinking water and stop drinking wine or beer?
  • Maybe waking up 20 to 30 minutes earlier and going for a walk or taking your workout clothes to your job for a workout during lunch?
  • Maybe always have a green vegetable at dinner?

The honest truth is that your spouse wants to believe in you and your desire to change, but he needs to see action first. Action creates motivation and support — not the other way around.

2. Find ways to make it free

You do not have to purchase the next network marketing promotion. It’s not required to lose weight, to get in shape or to improve your energy levels. There are tons of ways you can adopt healthy behaviors for free.

Some of my favorite resources are free:

3. Invite him along, but don’t wait for him

Communication between partners can be a struggle and since you know you need him on your side, you are wise to be careful in how you share your energy and excitement. There is a big, positive difference when we ask or invite rather than command or tell.

  • What would your conversation be like if you invited him along in your efforts?
  • Ask him for his ideas rather than telling him yours.
  • Ask him if he would be willing to share a few household responsibilities with you so that you are able to use some time to get healthy.

I wonder what 2016 will be like for you? Will it be the same as 2015? Will it be better?

Of course, there will always be situations and responsibilities that we can’t change in our lives, but we can always control our behaviors. Simple changes are always the most successful method to make big differences in your life. Think through one simple way you can be healthy today. Will you share it with me?

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