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Backpacks that charge your phone and other tech-amazing fitness clothes

We’re moving closer and closer to becoming fitness-loving bionic women. Don’t believe me? Check out the following fitness apparel items that blur the lines between technology and athleticism.

1. Biometric tank

Biometric tank
Image: Hexoskin

Tired of strapping a heart rate monitor across your chest? This biometric tank from Hexoskin might be the solution you’re looking for. The tank itself monitors heart rate, as well as activity, breathing rate and volume and even sleep. Hexoskin apps, in turn, provide you with information about how to improve your workouts and health, based upon the data collected through the shirt. (Hexoskin, $399).

2. Smart glasses

Smart glasses
Image: Recon

Wear a computer by donning these sunglasses for a run or bike ride. Certainly, the glasses block the sun’s rays, but they also display real-time information like the distance of your run, your pace and calories burned. The coolest feature, in my opinion, is the GPS information, so you can map a new run without fear of getting lost in the woods. (Recon, $499)

3. Biosensor compression capris

Biosensor compression capris
Image: Athos

Back in my day, compression capris were plenty high tech, but times have seriously changed. These compression capris from Athos include 14 biosensors that provide you with real-time information about your heart rate and the performance of the muscles in your lower body. The price point includes both the pants and the Bluetooth core that analyzes data from your muscles so you can modify your workout as necessary. (Athos, $348)

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4. Phone-charging backpack

Phone-charging backpack
Image: The North Face

When you’re on a long hike, your phone might just be your lifeline. We love that this backpack allows you to lug your hiking necessities along like normal, with the added functionality of a cell phone charger that can provide you with several days of charge for your phone and other devices. (The North Face, $229)

5. LED vest

LED vest
Image: Road Runner Sport

Reflective gear is great, but LED-enabled gear is even better. The lights last for a long time with simple coin batteries, and they provide superior visibility if you’re exercising at night or early in the morning. Safety first, folks. (Road Runner Sport, $45)

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6. Bluetooth beanie

Bluetooth beanie
Image: 1 Voice

Wave good-bye to your ill-fitting earbuds. This Bluetooth beanie allows you to stream high-quality audio from your phone to your beanie, so you don’t have to wrestle with cords and slippery earbuds. (1 Voice, $69)

7. Digitsole footwear

Digitsole footwear
Image: Digitsole

If winter cold tends to sideline your outdoor activity, don’t resign yourself to couch potato status just yet. Even in the frigid cold, these shoe inserts from Digitsole are sure to keep your tootsies toasty with their thermostat-inspired technology. The insoles are smartphone compatible, and allow you to adjust the temperature of each insole up and down for your comfort. Not only that, the insoles track distance, steps and calories burned. (Digitsole, $199)

8. Headphone coach

Headphone coach
Image: Jabra

You don’t need to go to the gym for a personal trainer when you have these smart headphones. The wireless earbuds are designed to stay firmly in place, and intelligent audio coaching via an integrated app allows you to up your fitness level with a little outside motivation. (Jabra, $149)

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