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7 Creative winter sex tricks that will turn up the heat

Too cold to shed your clothes and get intimate? These tips will get you in the mood for love when you’re snowbound and think you would rather be drinking cocoa.

It’s easy to feel sexy when the sun is shining and the fewer items of clothing you’re wearing, the better. But for some couples, their sex lives take a nosedive the minute temperatures drop — snuggling under a blanket is always welcome, but the effort it can take to warm up and get in the mood for intimacy is sometimes arduous and not worth the trouble.

Lucky for us, there are certain sex tricks that were made for winter loving. So, brew some tea, grab a pair of knee-high socks, and get ready to embark on the most exciting and sexy season of your life.

1. Wear socks for a better orgasm

The emphasis during the wintertime should be on wearing a pair of warm knee-high socks or thigh-high stockings — anything that will make your feet warm and toasty. Why? There’s actually a scientific explanation for that. “It is scientifically proven that when a woman’s feet are warm, she has a better chance of reaching climax during love making,” says Dr. Rob Alex at Mission Date Night. “In the colder months this can be a little challenging. We often pull out the warm stockings during the colder months. Not only are they super sexy but they also get the tootsies warmed up enough for the experience to be very pleasurable.”

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2. Drink hot tea before oral sex

Here’s a fun trick to play on your partner. Brew a cup of tea and carry it into the den. He’ll think you’re preparing to spend a cozy night on the couch when, in fact, you’ll take a drink, swoosh it around your mouth, and give your partner the best oral sex experience of his life. “The warm feeling is great for both men and women,” Alex says. “This can get your sex warmed up quickly on a cold winter’s night.”

3. Make that tea peppermint

Apparently, tea is the winter gift that keeps on giving. Drinking peppermint tea before going down on your partner will leave a tingly sensation that will drive him/her wild, says Dr. Jess, Astroglide’s resident sexologist.

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4. Leave the blinds open

Not only will this enhance exciting feelings (what would happen if someone caught you having sex?!) but Dr. Jess says having sex in the winter with the blinds open and the sun streaming through can change your body’s chemistry. “Testosterone levels may be lower in the winter, but a little sunlight can help to invigorate your libido,” Dr. Jess says. “Strip down in the sunlight and relish in the fact that men find women’s bodies more attractive in the winter since they have fewer visual stimuli as we pile on the layers.”

5. Get spooning

There are few sex positions better to try during the winter than spooning, which will keep you warm and toasty. “Think about it: We bundle up in clothing, so why not apply the same idea to bed?” says Carmel Jones, a romance and intimacy expert at The Big Fling. “Get close to one another in the spoon position to minimize the amount of skin exposed to air. The spoon position is not just for cuddling. And don’t forget the hands. Spooning allows the Big Spoon to freely use their hands to warm up the Little Spoon.”

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6. Getting dirty can be clean

You may have already heard that your dryer is a pretty nifty machine when it comes to both delivering clean, dry clothes and orgasms. In addition to the good vibrations it gives off, the warmth of it can be extremely pleasurable when it’s cold outside. “If you thought laundry was just a chore, think again,” Jones says. “Next time you’re doing laundry, invite your partner to ‘help you with the clothes.’ Prop yourself up against the dryer for a spontaneous quickie.”

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7. Oil up

Warming oils feel soothing on the body, create a pleasurable sensation when it’s cold out, and smell amazing. Why not give your partner a massage and see where it takes you? “There is a wide variety of wonderful smelling warming oils including eucalyptus, pine, cypress, ginger, orange and more,” Jones says. “These oils often create a tingling sensation on the skin, which is always a great touch. Be careful where you use these. If you want to experiment with oils as lubricants, be sure to purchase some that are designed for that purpose and won’t cause irritation or infections.”

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