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New sex toy is also a health tool that uses LED technology in the ultimate way

Dr. Donnica Moore has been an advocate for women’s health for a long time, and even she was shocked to hear how many marriages are sexless, meaning the couple has sex only four times a year. In our interview, she said, “I’m not usually a naïve person, but I was shocked.” The most common reason for a frigid bedroom: painful intercourse.

Moore met Colette Courtion, a pioneer of transformative beauty products and founder and CEO of Joylux, who created the vSculpt. After learning more about the device, she came on board as one of the brand’s medical advisers.

When the product showed up on my doorstep, I was dubious. It just looks like a vibrator, and I’m no novice. I’ve been a stalwart sex shop customer since I was 18. However, as Moore pointed out, the vSculpt “is a medical device, not a toy.”

To explain why you need this product, let’s first look at The Problem: “Millions of women suffer from pelvic floor weakening,” said Moore. “The pelvic floor supports all the organs in the pelvis, including the vagina — a very important organ — but also the uterus, the cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes. When those muscles weaken, women develop various symptoms, like feeling not tight or not at their sexual best. What the vSculpt offers doctors is an option to recommend to their patients for strengthening and toning those muscles and stimulating the tissues in the vagina.”

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The vSculpt takes a four-pronged attack. It uses vibration, heat, a special photonic gel and LED lights. Courtion explained, “LED technology has been around for decades, invented by NASA. The vSculpt uses light therapy to help excite the cells in our bodies to produce more collagen and elastin. When light is absorbed by the tissue, it converts to heat, and when you have heat at a cellular level it increases blood flow, and when you can increase blood flow, your body goes into natural wound healing. Your body naturally starts to repair itself. It’s a very, very safe technology. Dermatologists use it to help tighten skin or in sports medicine when there’s muscle damage.”

The vSculpt is magic in and of itself but the photonic gel, invented alongside the product, increases the reflectivity of the LED lights and their efficacy.

Courtion, already well-versed in LED technology from her beauty treatments, had an ah-ha moment while chatting with a bunch of her girlfriends. She said, “I have all these mommy friends who complain about accidentally peeing their pants, and I thought, gosh, if I can take the same technology and apply it to the body where women would benefit, I really have a game changer here. The technology isn’t innovative, but the application, applying it to this body part, that’s where we have transformative technology.”

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The vSculpt is intended for a 60-day protocol, in which the duration and weekly use increase over time. Yes, it looks like a vibrator, and it has three different vibrational settings (you can choose your favorite). But as Moore made mighty clear, this isn’t just a toy. The LED lights and heat make this a medical instrument, but the pleasant side effects don’t deter from usage. In fact, the vibrations make this medical treatment a whole lot more fun than visiting the doctor’s office. As Moore pointed out, “I hope women derive pleasure from the vSculpt, because from a medical standpoint, that means they’ll actually use it.”

I’ve been on the vSculpt train since November, and no one is complaining… except maybe my neighbors. What I realized after my first go is that the vSculpt is ideal for foreplay. It’ll get you all warmed up for the main attraction: your partner. Moore backed me up. She said, “The vSculpt can become part of a couple’s routine or something new for the routine.”

It’s nice to add something new to the bedroom every once in a while, but for a lot of women, that something “new” is confidence. “The sexiest thing about a woman is confidence,” said Moore. “When you’re feeling confident, you’re feeling better about yourself, you’re feeling more empowered, maybe more in control. It’s a very important part of having a fulfilling sexuality.”

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Courtion goes a step further: “What we’re seeing in our studies is that after women have children, things don’t work down there like they used to. They experience pain, they experience bladder control issues, which affects their self-esteem, and as a result, they pull away from their partner, so they aren’t enjoying sex as much because they don’t feel they’re in the shape they used to be. That has a great effect on the relationship. The husband or partner doesn’t understand why the woman is pulling away. When they use the vSculpt and help to repair that area, the woman feels better about herself sexually and that transcends into confidence in the bedroom. It’s nice to see this as a tool that helps bring couples closer together.”

One of their most powerful testimonials is from a woman who hadn’t had sex for 10 years due to painful intercourse. The vSculpt got her back in business, and her marriage has been rekindled.

Joylux’s vSculpt is a vibrator with a mission. It’s for women who’ve had kids who don’t enjoy sex anymore, but it can also be used as a preventative measure for women who haven’t had kids, like me. It has increased my sensitivity and made sex even more fun. It’s available for purchase today at, a little pricey at $345, but if you’re looking for a way to get back to your sexual prime, I say it’s worth the cost. Just ask my husband.

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