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Three steps to feeling confident dating a younger man

Erica Collins

They say that if you are over 30 years old and dating a younger man, you’re a puma? We all know that if you are over 40 years old and dating a younger man, you’re a cougar.

Drop the labels and the cats. Your pussy cat is whatever you choose it to be. It depends on your needs and wants at any age.

Now, if you are a traditionalist, you may wish to consider your children’s feelings and not date their best friends or someone younger than them. For the single ladies, if they never put a ring on it, consider yourself a modernist. You are among a growing population of divas with full lives and entertaining stories to tell. This ain’t your mother’s coffee chat!

Many married ladies end up in arguments around this age that lead to divorces. Single ladies start to see their steady flames slow down.

Instead of having the traditional coffee chat and night out with the girls complaining about your journey into the puma and cougar life, it’s time to shave the pussy cat and look for the passion of your tiger or panther from within. We are talking about the spirit of your passion. Remember the spirit that woke you up in the morning to put on lipstick and kiss your lips winking at yourself.

Step one: Flirt

Today’s young men do not have the stereotypical issues as their elders. They aren’t programmed by a Barbie image or stereotypes from yesterday. They are attracted to all different types of women: sizes, shapes, races, cultures and more. Young men approach me all the time. Some ladies may shy away with insecurities or stigmas from childhood. Let go, release and relax. There is nothing wrong with flirting and entering into a conversation. It may even lead to coffee, lunch or dinner — and dessert!

Step two: Find that dress that makes you feel like shaking your booty in a music video

Oh, stop! You know very well you grew up on things like MTV, Dancin’ on Air and Soul Train. Now, get the young man in your life to show you how to download all your favorite music on iTunes. Try writing your own sexy theme song! What makes you sexy — your lips, hips or the way you sip? Find a recording studio, use step one and record your song. Now, it’s time to shop for that dress or simply add accessories to your favorite one.

Step three: Get healthy and happy

Take care of you! If you don’t eat well and exercise, you won’t feel sexy, sensual or even friendly. Try something simple, like increasing your water intake by a glass or two. You will be amazed at how your energy will slowly build, cleansing from all those puma/cougar coffee chats. Find a fitness or wellness center. Take a stroll to appreciate the parks or explore a new town. Break your routine; this is how you restart, refresh and remember that you are happier with a healthy heart.

Step four: Just do it

Stop talking about it! Just do whatever the steps are for following your passion. It you don’t know the steps, Google it or ask Siri. Write the book. Go to Europe. Start the business. Yes, it’s that simple. If you think about all the times you have sat around talking about your journey into being a fierce cat, you have wasted a lot of time. You could be sharing, learning and growing with your young man, whom you have attracted by simply following these steps.

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