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Guy may have gone too far in pranking his girlfriend (VIDEO)

Pulling pranks on your significant other every once in a while is no crime. In fact, it’s important to not take life too seriously and to appreciate those moments when you laugh at each other.

However, I believe there is a pranking threshold — that point where either you go a bit too far with a certain prank, or worse, go on a pranking binge until it’s just not funny anymore. That’s about where Australian comedian Shammi got to with his video in which he repeatedly pranks his model girlfriend, Sarah Reay-Young.

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Sure, she looks like she’s got a sense of humor about all the stuff Shammi pulls on her in the beginning, but that changes as the video progresses and the pranks get more extreme. If I were her, I would’ve been so out of that relationship by around the part where he shoves her into a garden patch for wearing “work boots.”

And while the world seems to have a very polarized love/hate relationship with Shammi’s antics, the video has been viewed over 20 million times and shared almost 250,000 times. So even though he might not be doing so well in the boyfriend department, as a comedian, I’d say he’s on pretty solid ground.

However, many of the women who’ve viewed his video refuse to see it as a joke. Some warn him that it’s all fun and games until she seriously gets hurt, while others berate him endlessly for his seemingly terrible treatment of his girlfriend. Then a few viewers took a step back and made an important realization about the couple — they’re both performers.

She is just as much of a jokester as her other half and, based on her videos, seems to get a similar rush from messing with the average person.

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So you see, their senses of humor are almost identical, which suggests that she was not only a willing victim in Shammi’s prank video but an equal partner. If that is indeed the case, some producers had better get on giving this girl her own show quick, because she’s about to be the next big thing in the acting biz.

Reay-Young even commented on her boyfriend’s video after the barrage of hateful comments to help calm people’s fears that it bordered on abuse. She posted, “Its all fun and games people… besides wait until its his turn.”

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