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7 Tools that make tracking your period way too fun

I’ve been wanting to track my period since middle school.

I clearly remember in Sex Ed my teacher saying, “Oh, you’ll know down to the day when your period is coming.”

No. No, I definitely don’t. I tried marking it in calendars with a very discreet red dot — but that didn’t last long.

We have a billion things on our minds every day — 15,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day to be exact. So, it can be really difficult to stay on track of period tracking, whether you’re doing it to estimate your ovulation peak or would just like to know when you’re going to be grouchy, bloated and always hungry.

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But, there’s actually a lot of stuff out there that can make this task easier — and actually kind of fun, too (Shark stickers? Yes, please!). Check these out:

1. Bracelets

period tracking bracelet
Image: Feby

It’s all in the wrist! Take all the obscurity out of your menstrual cycle by wearing period-tracking bracelets, like this one from Feby (Feby, $7). The different colored beads represent your different changes throughout the cycle. There are also bracelets like these on Etsy, where you can move the charm a bead over each day to stay on track.

2. Subscription boxes

period subscription box
Image: HelloFlo

You don’t even have to track your period at all, actually. Just sign up for a period subscription box, like HelloFlo. Each month the box will come and you’ll know that your period is right around the corner — but with your box of goodies (and chocolate!), your dreaded week won’t seem as bad. (HelloFlo, prices vary)

3. Stickers

period stickers
Image: Etsy

I never outgrew stickers — and I think I can say the same for a lot of us. And with these fun stickers, Shark Week will take on a whole new meaning (Etsy, $3). You’ll be so excited to use them that you won’t be able to wait for your period to start again. … OK, OK, I got a little carried away. There’s a whole bunch of sticker options on Etsy, like even these pouty Aunt Flo ones.

4. Planners

period planner
Image: Etsy

Buying a planner specifically for your period can make things easier too. Keep it in a special place — wouldn’t want this to get lost and tossed around the office — and simply mark off a few boxes when that time hits. (Etsy, $3)

5. Health trackers

Health tracker
Image: Bellabeat

There’s the Fitbit and Apple Watch… and many others, but I’d have to say Bellabeat looks the prettiest. It is a health tracker that looks like jewelry, but monitors your daily activity, sleep cycles and even tracks your stress levels and period. (Bellabeat, $120)

6. Apps

period tracking app
Image: Lady Timer

We do everything else on our phones, so what’s one more app? With apps like Lady Timer (although, odd name, yes? Are we about to explode?), you can track your period and keep notes as well, like areas of pain, appetite and flow. (Lady Timer, free)

7. Websites

period calculator
Image: Your Period Calculator

You can also hop on to a website like Always’ Your Period Tracker and calculate the days when your future periods will come. Then, you can jot those dates down in your favorite planner and have a better idea of when your period is set to hit.

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