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Instagram’s latest sensation will inspire you to start yoga

Yoga is hands-down one of the most — if not the most — artistic forms of exercise. The poses practiced are designed to both center your mind and show off the beautiful lines of your body.

And all you have to do is look at @nude_yogagirl’s Instagram profile to prove it.

The 25-year-old model and photographer — who wants to remain anonymous — manages to skirt Instagram’s no-nudity rule by posing for tasteful (and mostly SFW) photos in various yoga poses without a stitch of clothing.

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“This is my way of expressing art,” she told Self. “I’m very inspired by yoga and photography so I wanted to bring the two of them together in a pure way.”

She sets up the black-and-white photos in her apartment and then her boyfriend takes the photos while she’s in the poses. The minimalistic way she styles the photos is to both help use shadows to blur the nudity and make it more about art, not sexuality.

And, surprisingly, she only started practicing yoga regularly this year — and she only does it at home.

“I always try to find new ways to express myself,” she told The Cut of creating the account, which has racked up over 33,000 followers in a month. “I’m very inspired by yoga and photography, so I wanted to bring the two of them together in a pure way. I also love to write and give people tips for healthier and happier lives.”

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But most of all, “I want to inspire people to try yoga and maybe they can also find the acceptance of their body from there, because I did so,” she added. “I’ve gone from eating whatever I want to a very strict diet and that probably worked on my body but didn’t make my mind happy.”
And she hopes it helps inspire others to use fitness and yoga to change how they view their bodies.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a terrible balance or if you have never tried yoga before. Because yoga is perfect for people who are not perfect (so everyone?),” she told The Cut.

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