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Husband shares all the reasons he loves his wife on their bedroom mirror


This woman’s husband took the whole “for better or for worse” part of his vows pretty seriously.

Imgur user MollyWho has been going through a rough time since getting married recently. “I’ve been juggling a LOT lately. Trying to do well at work. Just got married. Couldn’t afford a wedding. Family is sparse. Falling out with friends, yaddadyadda,” she wrote.

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But her husband has stuck by her side through all of it with his unwavering willingness to try and make her happy, even though she says she’s “not the easiest person to deal with” and takes her anger out on him.

And his way of helping is through writing an adorable list of all the things he loves about his wife on their bedroom mirror. Among them? That she’s his “best friend” and she lets him work on his “crazy” projects. Oh, and that she’s gone to a strip club with him.

sweet mirror note
Image: mollywho/Imgur

The whole list is pretty adorable, and a sweet testament to their love.

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“I looked to my left, and saw these words painted all across my mirror,” she wrote of seeing the message after coming home from an exhausting trip. “I think he wanted me to remember how much he loves me. Because he knows how quickly I forget. He knows I struggle to see good in the world, and especially the good in myself. But here it is. A testament and gesture of his love.”

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She later amended her post to say that her admitted depression isn’t cured by a sweet note on a mirror.

“It may just be a few words on my mirror, but I’ll look at them when I wake up and know I’m not alone. I’ll know I have my best friend, my co-pilot in life to help guide me through,” she said. That’s what we’re all looking for, right?

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