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Where America’s sexiest singles live so you can plan your next move accordingly


How hot do you think your city ranks in comparison to the rest of the country? If you live in a major city that’s on the water, you may have just made it into the top 10.

EliteSingles surveyed 80,000 of their users, asking them to rank their own cities on a scale of not hot to super hot. What they found was somewhat surprising — San Francisco thinks they’re burning up the West Coast! The average attractiveness rating from the 5,200 EliteSingles users who voted in San Francisco was 5.63 out of 7.

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The company was definitely a bit perplexed by the outcome of their survey. For one thing, they expected to see sexy cities like New York and the aforementioned Los Angeles at least somewhere in the top 10. However, when you remember that the level of hotness is self-rated, it starts to make a little more sense.The pretty people of New York City and Los Angeles don’t need some survey to tell them how hot they are — they’ve got managers and press reps for that.

That being said, New York City’s nearby neighbor, Brooklyn, made it on the list at number five. As a Brooklyn native, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Our little berg is the hipster capital of the world, and hipsters love to pretend they don’t care about such trivial things as attractiveness — when in actuality, they care very much. Most probably called the survey trite and meaningless to their friends, then quickly went home and voted. Case in point, this response I received about the survey from a so-called Brooklynite on Reddit:

“I live in Brooklyn — I hate such lists. It is purely opinion based. What I find attractive is not what you might find so. But that being said. I think the women here are fine as any other place. Sadly more and more of us native born Brooklynites (who still live here) are harder to find…”

Cut to me playing the tiniest violin in the world for this guy.

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On the other hand, Chicago singles, who sit at number six on the hotness list, had a much more amusing response to hearing where they ranked. Dree, a 31-year-old teacher from Chicago said, “Well… I’m here. So duh. But where are these sexy single men??”

Atlanta, which took the coveted number two spot, was similarly tickled. Sonya, an Atlanta-based yoga instructor said, “As Atlanta’s sexiest single woman, I may be biased on these matters.”

However Bostonians were somewhat dubious as to how they managed to land at number three. One Reddit user said, “Boston? That is total bullshit. Not the natives at least. Maybe the out of state college girls. The native girls we consider 10’s would be 6’s in LA.”

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Or how about this response from Reddit user mk72206: “I’m guessing education and earning potential is boosting our (Boston) rating.”

And finally, Orlando was oddly self-assured about their number eight ranking.

Reddit user GoddessoftheUniverse wrote: “Orlando calling… it’s completely accurate. We are all fabulous~”

Thanks, GoddessoftheUniverse. With a username like that, I would expect no less confident an answer.

In case you’re curious to see whether or not your city thinks its singles are all that and a bag of chips, here is the rest of the top 10:

  1. San Francisco
  2. Atlanta
  3. Boston
  4. Charlotte
  5. Brooklyn
  6. Chicago
  7. Dallas
  8. Orlando
  9. Seattle
  10. Tampa

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