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Husband’s ‘Reasons I Love My Wife’ list is the sweetest thing ever

Who wouldn’t want to find a declaration of love written in Sharpie (or something less permanent, like lipstick, perhaps) on their bedroom mirror? It’s the kind of romantic-movie gesture we all long for but suspect that as close as we’ll get to one is a rude drawing in the steam on the bathroom mirror.

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For one wife, it was what greeted her when she returned home from a trip away, and it was all the sweeter because she’s not been feeling her best recently.

“I’ve been depressed lately”, Imgur user mollywho posted. “Thankfully, my husband seems to get the whole ‘For better, for worse…’ thing”.

“I’ve been juggling a LOT lately”, she continued. “Trying to move up the (ahem) corporate ladder. Just got married. Couldn’t afford a wedding. Family is sparse. Falling out with friends, yaddadyadda. But, the thing is, amidst all the struggle, my husband has relentlessly tried to cheer me up”.

He sure has…

I’ve been depressed lately. Thankfully, my husband seems to get the whole “For better, for worse…” thing

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The woman also explained that she’s “not been the easiest person to deal with” and suffers from mental illness. However, she says, “He holds my hand, and he tries his best”.

What more does anyone with mental health issues want from a loved one? It’s not easy. You can’t fix it. You just have to care.

Here are the “Reasons I Love My Wife” in full:

  • She is my best friend.
  • She never quits on herself or me.
  • She gives me time to work on my crazy projects.
  • She makes me laugh, every day.
  • She is gorgeous.
  • She accepts the crazy person I am.
  • She’s the kindest person I know.
  • She’s got a beautiful singing voice.
  • She’s gone to a strip club with me.
  • She has experienced severe tragedy yet is the most optimistic person about humanity that I know.
  • She has been fully supportive of my career choices and followed me each time.
  • Without realising it, she makes me want to do more for her than I have ever wanted to do for anyone.
  • She’s done an amazing job at advancing her career path.

(The last two points are a little hard to make out on the image, but we reckon we’ve got the gist of it.) 

The post concludes: “I think he wanted me to remember how much he loves me. Because he knows how quickly I forget. He knows I struggle to see good in the world, and especially the good in myself. But here it is. A testament and gesture of his love. Damn, I needed it today…”

We’re all a little bit in love with this guy, right?

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