Adorable puppy helps man pull off the cutest marriage proposal (WATCH)

Wedding proposals are usually pretty cute. Puppies are pretty cute, too.

So what happens when you put them together? Cuteness explosion.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Shelby Turner was the recipient of one such proposal. “Crying because I got my puppy,” she captioned a YouTube video, “little did I know my boyfriend had put a ring on her collar and got down on one knee!”

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The 22-year-old had a feeling that her boyfriend, Shane Moffis, would get her the chocolate Labrador she wanted for her birthday in August. She got the adorable female pup, but didn’t know that her 24-year-old beau would up the ante with an engagement ring.

“When I picked her up, he kept telling me to read her name tag,” Turner told the Huffington Post of the eight-week-old dog she named Sitka. “I couldn’t wait to say ‘yes.’ I was crying so much, I couldn’t say ‘yes’ right away.”

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The Alaska pair has been together for five years and has talked about marriage, but Turner didn’t realize that he’d get her just the ring she envisioned. Now, they’re planning a July 30, 2016 wedding in their Soldotna, Alaska, hometown.

Will Sitka be the maid of honor? It only seems right!

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