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Wedding flash mob showcases some amazing dance moves (VIDEO)

There have been a spate of flash mob style proposals and weddings lately, but this latest one brings in all the guests, the adorable couple and a variety of songs so diverse, it’s impossible not to smile.

This couple takes the “flash mob” to a whole other level and has raised the bar in terms of dancing and guest participation. See below:

Adorable, right?

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Besides the awesome music and the killer dance moves, a few other things stand out to me about this video. One, obviously, is the way this couple is totally in sync with one another. Something tells me that a couple like this has longevity. The truth is, being silly together is a big piece of what makes marriages strong. My husband and I have a lot of very serious responsibilities between the kids, our work, our mortgage and all the other trappings of adulthood. But it is a rare night where something he says doesn’t crack me up to the point of maniacal giggles. That’s just how we roll.

Even better? The guest involvement. Not only is this couple adorably in sync, their friends and family are in sync, too. How rare. How wonderful. With a support system this large, this couple is sure to have a great life together.

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Plus, those dance moves. Killer, right?

Congratulations to this couple. They are adorable, talented and sure to have a lifetime of giggles, fun and love. What more could you want?

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