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Woman gets nicest text ever after rejecting a guy she met online

This is how adults are supposed to act when dating.

Because yes, while there are plenty of jerks — like the guy who demanded a refund for a coffee — there are plenty more men who understand that dating will include rejection. And those men don’t get mean and vindictive when things don’t go their way.

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Case in point: this guy.

OK Cupid Rejection Text
Image: Facebook/

According to, a woman named Erin went out on a couple of dates with a man she met online. “I recently went on two dates with a guy I met on OK Cupid, we had fun but definitely lacked chemistry,” she wrote on Facebook. “After not texting him for two weeks, he sent me this sweet text. Why can’t they all be this way?!?”

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Yes, rejection sucks, but it’s part of life. What separates men from boys — and women from girls — is a willingness to understand that not everything will go as we plan, and that’s OK. Don’t send mean texts; don’t threaten or belittle. Just take a play out of this guy’s handbook and be nice.

“Men should see how positive of an impact this type of honesty can have on both parties,” Erin told Cosmo of why she put the message out there. And somewhere in Long Island is this guy, looking online for love. I’m not saying you should look for him on OKC, but I’m not saying not to, either.

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