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New emoji keyboard will meet all your sexting needs

It appears that you’ll no longer have to use the eggplant, taco or peach emoji when you’re sexting with your S.O.

As long as you download the new sexting keyboard, that is.

While condom maker Durex is campaigning to have a condom added to the official list of emojis, competitor LifeStyles Condoms took it one step further by developing an emoji keyboard that includes all of the sexy (and dirty) things you want to say over text.

couple in bath together sexting emoji
Image: Lifestyles Keyboard

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The custom keyboard — available for download in the Apple iOS app store and on Google Play — includes emojis broken down into four categories: people, places, things and faces.

Couch sexting emoji
Image: Lifestyles Keyboard

“Featuring sexy, entertaining and safe sex-promoting imagery including condoms, lingerie, roleplaying scenarios, locations for sex and more, the app offers a playful way for users to connect with current and potential partners,” the company said in a press release.

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There’s an emoji for every potential sex situation, including a beaver (yes, seriously), a thong-clad booty and more representations of couples than you could ever need.

Whip sexting emoji
Image: Lifestyles Keyboard

And while the little cartoon characters are more funny than they are sexy, they’re at least a lighthearted way to break into the sexy talk without a lot of over-thinking things. Plus, a recent study found that people who sext in relationships experience more sexual satisfaction.

So, stop waiting and start sexting.

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