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Creative bride spends 8 months making her wedding dress by hand

If the holiday made starting work this Monday particularly hard, here’s a dose of awesome creativity to get you going again. This woman actually made her insanely complicated wedding dress entirely by hand!

If you’ve ever gone shopping for a wedding dress, either for yourself or for a friend, you know how easily you can experience dress burnout. Abbey Ramirez-Bodley, 23, from Oklahoma, went through that when she first went shopping for her own wedding dress. Like many women, nothing in her price range wowed her. “I looked and looked and looked, and the ones I liked were outrageously expensive,” she told ABC News. However, rather than letting that discourage her, Ramirez-Bodley took matters into her own hands — literally. She decided to design and build her own wedding dress from scratch.

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“I wanted to make my own dress because I saw another woman had done it, and it was by far the most beautiful dress I’d seen,” she told BuzzFeed. The look she fell in love with was rather unusual — it featured a gorgeous crochet pattern covering the entire thing.

As such, the process was no small undertaking. Ramirez-Bodley, together with her obliging aunt, worked tirelessly for eight months to create the dress. And while it was certainly an impressive project, the two women had a little something up their sleeves — they both were crochet experts.

Ramirez-Bodley was taught to crochet by her aunt when she was just a little girl, so it was most fitting that the two came together again for this important life moment.

Image: Julie Graham Photography
Image: Julie Graham Photography

However, one of the most exciting aspects of this handmade marvel was how much it cost. The yarn for the crochet overlay was only $70, and the green dress Ramirez-Bodley wore underneath was $100, making the entire dress a whopping $170, plus a lot of familial love, which is, of course, priceless.

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As you can see, the finished product is stunning and utterly original. The couple’s guests could not stop complimenting her on it the whole night. Her efforts more than paid off and made the whole affair that much more special.

Now that she’s married, this brilliant little designer might want to think about starting a dress business for brides with unique taste. “I’ve had many requests for help and advice on starting [other women’s] own projects, and that’s really cool,” she told BuzzFeed. I’d say that’s a clear indication that a Ramirez-Bodley design label would be very welcome in this world.

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