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Sexy book excerpt: The first look at Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole

Mesmerized by a beautiful vampiric creature unlike any he’s ever met, an immortal assassin is caught between desire and duty in this sizzling new novel from Kresley Cole’s #1 TheNew York Times bestselling Immortals After Dark series. Read on as Rune the Baneblood subjects his fair Josephine to a wicked interrogation…

The full excerpt from Sweet Ruin:

With a lethal grace, Rune lay back on the other side of the bed, all seven feet of flawless demon physique. A long, tall drink of blood. He used a claw to prick his finger, and a bead arose.

Her eyes locked on that drop. The scent filled the air, making her light-headed.

He curled that pricked finger, summoning her. “Come and get it, dove.” Then he drew a line directly over that maddening pulse point in his neck.

Her fangs were aching.

“Look at your little fangs sharpen. You crave the forbidden, don’t you?”

Gaze fixed on that line, she went to her knees, climbing over to join him. She couldn’t believe he was giving her his dark blood this easily. She bent to lick —

He grabbed her arms with his unnatural speed and tossed her to her back, securing her wrists in metal.

“What the hell?” The cuffs from before? He’d attached them to a chain leading from the wall. She fought to get free, but they were unbreakable. “This wasn’t part of the deal, Rune!”

“This is my show, vampire. You follow my lead.”


His dark laugh sent shivers over her. “Do you want to rethink our wager?”

“It’ll make it that much better when I win!”

“Vampire, I’m going to have you begging for me.” He leaned forward as if to check on the cuffs, putting that line of blood in front of her face.

“Oooh! You dick!”

Blood had dried on his thumb, the scent remaining. He rubbed it on her face, along her cheekbones and jawline. Her lids slid shut, her head spinning.

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“My vampire loves her baneblood, thinks it sweet.”

God, I do. I do. Her eyes flashed open when his other hand glided to her chest. Through the thick fabric of her robe, he kneaded one of her breasts. They felt swollen, aching as much as her fangs.

She moistened her lips, and he grated, “Fuck, you make me hard when you do that.” His accent was heavier than she’d ever heard it.

“Will you kiss me?”

“I’ve wanted to. Have imagined it. But you’d steal blood from my tongue, wouldn’t you?”

She couldn’t deny it when she was licking one sharp fang.

He sounded as if he’d stifled a groan. “Then a kiss will be your reward for confiding in me. Once you’ve told me all, I’ll take your lips and give you blood. But not before.” He shook his head hard, reaching for the tie on her robe. “I’m keen to see the rest of your body.”

She wanted to feel his gaze too, was panting in anticipation. Slowly, he bared her.

At the sight of her breasts, black forked out over his magenta eyes. He unsteadily sank back on his heels. “Your nipples are pierced? Were you a pleasure slave?” Had that been a hopeful note to his tone?

“No, I was never a slave.”

He leaned forward, his head descending. He put his mouth right above one peak, so she could feel his hot breaths.

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Her nipples had never been so hard. “Oh, God . . .” She didn’t know where to look — was greedy to see every detail about him. His sensual lips. His rapt eyes. Were his hands balled into fists? His dick was pulsing.

“You had this done yourself?”

She nodded.

“You wicked little girl.” His tongue flicked one nipple.

Sensation shot through her. “Ahh!”

He wetted it. Blew on it. She arched up to the sizzling stimulation.

“Did a lover want you pierced?” He widened his knees. His straining shaft swayed with the movement.

“N-no. I like it.”

He gazed at her face, as if to gauge her truthfulness. He held her eyes as he bent down . . . as he took the peak between his gorgeous lips . . . as he sucked. God, that smoldering sensuality was in full force.

Over her moan, she heard his teeth click against the piercing, which seemed to delight him. He sucked harder, tugging at her nipple to the point of discomfort — as she’d always wanted it.

Though he hadn’t touched her below the waist, she wondered if she could come this way. Her core tightened, lusting for something to fill it.

He kneaded both of her breasts, his black claws digging in. Something about his possessive grip on her body turned her on even more. She panted, perilously close to coming.

Against her nipple, he murmured, “Sweet as a meadowberry.” Leaving that one wet, he kissed his way to her other breast. “You’re already close.” He couldn’t sound smugger. His lips were just above her other nipple.

She arched that side of her body up. “Rune . . .”

“Patience, vampire. We’ve days of this ahead of us.”

Days? She’d pass out. Die. Combust.

He touched the tip of his tongue to the peak just as his fingers tweaked the little barbell.

Her claws dug into her palms. “Ah, yes!” So close to coming.

As he suckled with hungry pulls, her eyes slid closed, and sounds bombarded her. Her desperate moans. The rattling cuffs. The wet suction of his mouth . . .

About the author: Kresley Cole is the #1 The New York Times bestselling author of the electrifying Immortals After Dark paranormal series, the young adult Arcana Chronicles series, the erotic Game Makers series, and five award-winning historical romances. A master’s grad and former athlete, she has traveled over much of the world and draws from those experiences to create her memorable characters and settings. Her IAD books have been translated into 19 foreign languages, garnered three RITA awards and consistently appear on the bestseller lists, in the US and abroad. You can learn more about her and her work at or Sign up for Kresley’s email newsletter to receive the latest book release updates, as well as info about contests and giveaways.

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