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Man gives out 100 love notes to remember late wife


Catherine Zanga and Hyong Yi were married for 15 years before she died of cancer on Nov. 21, 2014.

Earlier this month, Yi decided to honor his late beloved wife by writing 100 love notes that he fashioned as if they were having a conversation. Then, he went on the streets of their Charlotte, North Carolina, hometown with their children and distributed the notes to strangers.

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His hope was that the act would encourage others to let their loved ones know how they feel before it’s too late. “In daily life, we get so busy that we often forget to express our love for one another. We assume our loved ones will always be there,” he wrote in an essay for the Charlotte Observer.

The assistant city manager then issued a challenge to other people: “[T]ake a moment to honor the loves in your life. Let’s remind ourselves what’s most important in life — sharing our love with one another,” he wrote. “Please join me in writing a love note or sharing an expression of love (ex — chalk art, post-it note, skywritten note, whatever) with someone you love and share it on social media with the hashtag #100LoveNotes.”

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And people have responded with love notes of their own.

Yi put all 100 of the love notes written for his beloved wife on his website, 100 Love Notes. Read them and try not to cry — and then join the #100LoveNotes challenge.

“While it’s too late for me, it may not be for you,” he wrote.

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