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Couples’ last words to each other highlighted on chilling new website


Most people don’t realize in the moment that their last exchange with someone will actually be their last. However, once time has passed, those exchanges take on a whole new meaning.

This is especially true if the person from whom you are now estranged was a former significant other. Sometimes these ending conversations are quite poignant and indeed suggest a degree of finality. But more often they’re cryptic and devoid of meaning or closure.

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Sadly, this poor person was not given any explanation as to why their relationship with their “best friend” ended. However, despite its vagueness, the message still marks an important shift in this person’s life, and should be remembered.

That’s why 15-year-old Emily Trunko from Ohio Virtual Academy created her Tumblr page, “The Last Message Received”. It was specifically designed for Tumblr users to anonymously submit their last textual interactions with someone who was important to them.

Trunko told Buzzfeed, “I’ve always been fascinated with glimpses into the lives of other people. I thought that the last message sent before a breakup or before someone passed away would be really poignant.”

She couldn’t be more right. Final messages are not only moving, but they’re truly fascinating examples of how we socially interact with each other today. And what you’ll notice more than anything is how texting allows people to fall away seemingly without any real consequence. It’s much easier to disappear when you’re behind a screen rather than face to face with someone you used to love.

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The saddest thing about all these messages is that the rejector rarely seems like they’re ending things. Whether that’s because they weren’t actively trying to at the time, or simply didn’t want to say it outwardly, is inconsequential — the point is how often people seem fine with leaving things unfinished.

No one thinks about how comparably cruel a lack of response can be to a hurtful response. The sad truth is there’s no nice way to end things with someone you used to be so close to, and the world of messaging just makes it that much easier to be dismissive. However, when you don’t officially end something, it sometimes takes a while for the rejectee to get it, thereby resulting in a slew of intense messages like this one:

Yeah… It’s not right to make anyone feel this desperate, especially if you used to share a bed. So while you’ll likely get an upsetting response, muster up some courage and come clean if you plan to end things with a lover via message. It’s bad enough that they have to hear it in such an impersonal way, the least you can do is make it abundantly clear that these are, in fact, your last words.

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