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12 Christmas gifts for your ex-husband — just in case he deserves one

As if divorce isn’t complicated enough, it tends to get even more tricky during the holiday season. When you’re divorced and it’s Christmas season, you are faced with the question, “Do I buy a gift for my ex-husband?”

For some, it’s a no-brainer, but it can be quite confusing. It can be difficult to figure out an appropriate gift for an ex-husband. You basically know everything about this man. You know his likes and dislikes, but due to the current nature of your relationship, you must be very careful when selecting a gift.

Choosing the wrong gift can send the wrong message to your ex. When it comes to divorce, it is essential that you purchase appropriate gifts. As a gift to you, I have created a list of appropriate and fun Christmas gifts for your ex.

1. Universal Smart Eye and Watch Valet

Universal Smart Eye and Watch Valet
Image: Undulating Contours/Etsy

This nightstand valet is a life-saver for the guy who always misplaces his watches, phone and keys. (Etsy, Undulating Contours, $40) 

 2. Leather iPhone 6 case

Leather iPhone 6 case
Image: Barva Leather/Etsy

Every guy should own one of these leather iPhone cases! Any case that works as a phone case and wallet is essential. (Etsy, Barva Leather, $36)

3. Men’s shaving gift set

Men’s shaving gift set
Image: Rustic Designs By Amie/Etsy

This shaving gift set includes a wood-handled boar bristle shave brush, shaving soap in a glass dish and your choice of bar soap all inside a wooden cigar box. (Etsy, Rustic Designs By Amie, $35)

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