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10 Pieces of Star Wars-inspired fitness gear for ultimate fans

A long time ago, in a gym far, far away, Luke Skywalker was training to be a Jedi. OK, so it was a rebel planet, not a gym, and Luke was hardly working out for his health. (Unless you count staying alive and saving the universe to be health goals… which I suppose they are.) But ever since we saw Luke, Leia and Han Solo’s hot bodies light up the screen, we’ve all wished we could get into space-fighting form.

And now with the newest episode, The Force Awakens, coming to the big screen on Dec. 18, you can unite your inner geek and your inner athlete with the latest Star Wars-inspired fitness gear.

1. Mi Star Wars Superstar 80s sneakers

mi Star Wars Superstar Sneakers
Image: Adidas

Think Star Wars sneaks are just for kids? These Adidas kicks will change your mind, fast. There aren’t any cartoon characters and they don’t light up, but they’re customizable in three different Star Wars-themed colors, including these gold C-3P0 beauties. (Adidas, $120)

2. Galaxy leggings

Galaxy Leggings
Image: Kohl’s

Galaxy prints are one of the hottest trends in workout wear, and now you can combine that with your love of Star Wars with these leggings that prominently feature Darth Vader and a stormtrooper. They bring the geek chic to the gym, but the heavy breathing is all up to you. (Kohl’s, $15)

3. Yoga Yoda tank

Yoga Yoda Tank
Image: Stride Fitness Apparel

Because isn’t Yoda the ultimate yoga guru, really?

Proclaim your love of Yoda and yoga with this tank that will keep you cool in more ways than one. Plus, Yoda-isms make great mantras to focus on during your final resting pose. Seriously, how is… “If you end your training now, you will become an agent of evil,” not motivating? (Stride Fitness Apparel, $25)

4. The Stance jogger pants

The Stance Jogger Pants
Image: Kohl’s

The best part about athleisure clothing is that you can wear it to work out in, or just chill and watch a movie. (Both?) Stay comfy in these cute jogger pants that give a nod to Star Wars without screaming your love from the rooftops. (Kohl’s, $25)

5. Luke, I Am Your Spotter tank

Luke, I Am Your Spotter tank
Image: Workout Quotes

You may not be able to use the Force to help you do a pull-up (a girl can dream), but there’s nothing like a good pun to help you get a good pump! (Workout Quotes, $22)

6. Artoo and Threepio yoga leggings

Droid Yoga Leggings
Image: Merry Mode

If you’re firmly in the rebel camp, you can get your “om” on in these yoga leggings, featuring your favorite droids. Just seeing Artoo’s cheerful (?) face during Down Dog will inspire you to push harder and farther. And if someone tries to steal your sweet pants, you can just wave your hand and tell them, “These are not the droids you’re looking for.” (Merry Mode, $16)

7. Star Wars CrossFit socks

Star Wars CrossFit Socks
Image: WOD Superstore

What goes better together than CrossFit and Star Wars? Both have their own language, both are super intense and both have incredibly loyal and creative fans! Wear these Yoda and R2-D2 CrossFit socks to crush your WOD (workout of the day), or any workout. (WOD Superstore, $15)

8. In a Galaxy Far Away tee

In a Galaxy Far Away tee
Image: Stride Fitness Apparel

Sometimes the truth is the best weapon: In a galaxy far, far away, I actually felt like working out. We can’t be in beast mode all the time, right? (Stride Fitness Apparel, $25)

9. R2-D2 yoga pants

R2D2 Yoga Pants
Image: Think Geek

You know what R2-D2 was always missing? Legs. And now you can lend the little guy yours while you build them up, squatting and jumping in these yoga pants. His head is on the fold-down waistband for comfort and, you know, realism. (Think Geek, $40)

10. Star Wars kickboxing station

Star Wars Kickboxing Station
Image: Target

Whether you’re down from being oppressed by evil overlords or just from a long day of work (basically the same thing), take out your frustrations on this life-sized kickboxing bag, complete with light-saber-wielding bad guy to kick in the face. (Target, $40) 

The Star Wars Workout

What’s the point of having great Star Wars workout gear if you don’t have an equally amazing Star Wars workout? Problem solved: Whether you’re at the gym or at home, you can do this Star Wars Workout created by Nerd Fitness. It takes very little equipment and space, yet still gives you a full-body workout. With names like Sky Walker Handstands and Jabba the Hut Chokes, you’ll be as entertained as you are sweaty. Plus, it’s broken up into Padawan, Jedi and Master levels, so you can chart your progression.

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