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The best time to have sex if you want a mind-blowing orgasm


While sex is usually a good time whenever it comes around, there are in fact scientifically proven periods during a woman’s cycle where it can be even better.

Glow, a new company that specializes in creating apps to help you track your cycle, fertility and overall sex life, decided to compile data to help pinpoint these times.

According to their research, which took 7.6 million sexual encounters into consideration, your orgasm potential is directly related to when you get your period. While you may not be feeling so sexy when you’re actually bleeding, the data suggests you definitely will be a week after it stops.

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This makes perfect sense, because that’s also when most women start ovulating. Since this is the time in a woman’s cycle when she’s most likely to get pregnant, her physiology has accommodated for that by making her particularly randy then. Moreover, according to a 2007 study in the Journal of Hormones and Behavior, women have more sexual fantasies then, and are thus more easily aroused during this time.

The study also reported that their female subjects were fantasizing more about men, regardless of their sexual orientation. Researchers posited this was likely due to the fact that their bodies know they need sperm at this time to be impregnated. “You’re going to want to have sex with someone who can actually pass genes on to you,” said graduate researcher Samantha Dawson.

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However, even though you might be most in the mood for sex the week after your period ends, it’s not the easiest time for you to orgasm. Glow’s research suggests that time is in fact one week before you get your period. This is likely because while a woman’s testosterone levels drop then, her libido increases, because her uterine lining is thickening. This action effectively stimulates the nerve endings in her vagina, making her more sensitive there, and thus more prone to a super awesome orgasm. So pencil days 23 and 24 of your cycle into your calendars, ladies. Your body will never forgive you if you shirk sex on those days.

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If you’re interested in learning more about your cycle, when you’re most fertile and how to best connect sexually with your partner, you should definitely download one of Glow’s three apps. There is so much you may not know about your body, and all the stages it goes through every month. Trust me, that is one crash course you want to take in order to master sexy time with your partner.

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