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How I’m helping women on the road to conception

Lara Oboler

I can’t remember the exact moment that I decided I wanted to become a physician, but it was probably around the same time that most kids were still sitting in the sandbox imagining themselves as prima ballerinas, astronauts and firemen. From a very early age, I would accompany my father, a dedicated cardiologist, on his weekend rounds at the hospital.

I suppose my father had wanted to give me a window into his world so I could understand why the special green phone in our house sometimes rang at midnight, why he had to run out of the restaurant with a spaghetti noodle still dangling from his mouth and why he often showed up on the soccer field in his hospital garb. Very quickly, this lovely gesture became a regular father/daughter outing; I was fascinated by his work and wanted him to show me everything.

And he did. I could see that he loved his profession. Often, the patients he visited would come up to me and say, “You have a wonderful father — he saved my life.” It was powerful and humbling to hear. I knew then and there that I too wanted to help people that profoundly.

I wanted to save lives.

Many years later, my desire to heal others and even save their lives had not abated. Sure enough, I headed off to medical school. Once there, my passion for the field of medicine only grew. After many years of intense training, I finally achieved my dream of becoming an interventional cardiologist like my father. I was finally doing what I had seen him do, and sometimes even experiencing the rush of adrenaline that he must have felt when you open the artery of a patient in the midst of a massive heart attack and literally save their life in that very moment with your own two hands. It was incredibly rewarding work.

I thought I had it all. Well, almost. There was one more dream on the horizon: I wanted a baby.

After many years dedicated to my career and marriage, I was finally ready to start a family. Like most women, I assumed I would get pregnant fairly easily. After many months of trying, I started to panic. I was 34 years old and had a well-studied ovulation chart. I knew what I was doing and I was beyond ready. I didn’t want to wait around for mother-nature to wave her magic wand, or even worse head into a fertility specialist’s office for testing.

Out of frustration, I began to research available methods to encourage conception that didn’t require a crystal ball or a doctor’s visit. That’s when I made the discovery that changed my life. I stumbled across the idea that mucolytics (generally used to break up chest congestion, and found in some cough syrups) is also a thin cervical mucus. Making it less sticky, mucolytics allow the sperm to swim more easily to the egg. This made medical sense to me, so I gave it a try and took a mucolytic the five days leading up to my ovulation.

To my complete amazement, it worked on the first try! I went on to have two more children using the same method, both times on the first try. I realized that this simple tool to help enhance conception should be a first option available for all women. It can make a huge difference and save them from unnecessary frustration. I didn’t want women to have to stumble around in the dark making guesses with products not intended for this purpose. I wanted all women to have access to safe, natural products developed specifically to support their fertility and promote the ideal conditions for conception.

That’s why I started my company, PregPrep. I worked with top OB/GYNs to formulate natural, medically sound products, including a streamlined prenatal vitamin and a natural, bolstered mucolytic.

PregPrep is empowering women all over the country to take control of their bodies as they begin their conception journeys. I was lucky enough to fulfill two lifelong dreams: becoming a doctor and becoming a mother. But I never would have guessed that these would culminate in the fulfillment of a new dream: creating a brand that supports women with medically sound products that may help them achieve their dreams sooner than later.

The truth is — I’ve found that it is just as rewarding helping women get pregnant and creating new lives as it is using my own two hands to save lives.

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