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Scottish man pulls out all the stops for an unforgettable proposal (VIDEO)


Love is a powerful thing, and a man’s remarkable story proves as much.

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Scottish lad Liam has been in a relationship with the love of his life, Melissa, for two years. There’s just a slight geographical hiccup: They are separated by miles and miles of ocean.

The couple has been doing distance — Melissa lives in Boston, Massachusetts — but they always knew they were meant to be. However, because of their distance, popping the question (and keeping it a surprise) proved that much harder.

“So I’m planning a surprise for my girlfriend, but it’s not just as simple as booking a nice trip for us and springing it on her,” Liam says in the video.

Man crosses great distances for his proposal
Image: LiamGo/YouTube

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But Liam has a clever plan. He got his lady’s parents to give him her ring finger measurements, and he booked a flight to Boston without her knowing. And for the world’s viewing pleasure, the whole trip was filmed…

And it was totally worth it! Luckily Liam got the outcome he wanted (accompanied by a whole lot of crying). Plus, the surprise on his bride-to-be’s face was completely priceless.

“Theres a lot of amazing proposal videos out there. I’m not talented enough/ have the necessary connections to make something great like that. The only thing I have working in my favour is the large distance between us and the element of surprise,” Liam wrote on his YouTube video’s caption.

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It’s a lengthy video, but it’s heartwarming and definitely worth a watch!

Do you have an impressive or tear-jerking engagement story to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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