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Intimate wristband allows you to fall asleep to your partner’s heartbeat

You know that lovely feeling when you’re lying on your partner’s chest, listening to the soft rhythm of their heartbeat? It’s such a soothing sound, totally unique to them that lets you know they’re nearby and they love you.

When they’re away for any period of time, we miss that body closeness for which even intimate phone conversations can’t compensate. However, thanks to the burgeoning world of tech wristbands, you can fall asleep to your lover’s heartbeat even if they’re thousands of miles away.

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A company called Little Riot came up with a soft wristband it named Pillow Talk because it allows you and your significant other to listen to each other’s heartbeats while falling asleep. All you have to do is wear the soft cloth wristband and place a small speaker under your pillow. Just like a Fitbit, the wristband transmits your heartbeat via smartphone app to your partner’s speaker and vice versa. If you’re more into wearing headphones while you sleep, you can listen through your smartphone too. Pretty awesome, right?

This little gizmo is perfect if you’re in a long-distance relationship because of work, school or just life. As the company says on its website, “We made Pillow Talk because emoticons and pixelated video calls just don’t really cut it.” Hearing a heartbeat connects you with your distant lover on a whole other level. Here’s a little video on how it works.

This idea first came from Little Riot founder Joanna Montgomery, who originally created a prototype for a university project. She too was in a long-term relationship and searching for a way to feel closer to her significant other. When she put a video of how it works on YouTube, it went insanely viral, which prompted her to actually produce the product commercially. Since then, she and her team have been working tirelessly for four years to perfect Pillow Talk, and now they’ve finally launched their Kickstarter campaign, where you can preorder your own Pillow Talk. If all goes well, they look to ship in May of 2016.

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And it’s not just for couples. Say you or you spouse recently got a job that takes you away on a lot of business trips, but you also have a new baby at home. Pillow Talk is the perfect way to connect parent and baby. The same principle is implemented with baby animals who are no longer with their mothers. It’s often advised by vets to put a clock or something with a rhythmic sound in a crate with a puppy who’s lonely or having trouble sleeping.

According to Montgomery, a third of couples around the world are in long-distance relationships. Even more parents have to be apart from their children for long stretches of time. While long-distance communication methods have improved significantly, so far there’s nothing on the market that connects you this intimately with the person you love.

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As someone who’s gone months without her partner, I know how comforting hearing his heartbeat in real time would be for me. It not only reassures you that they’re safe and sound in bed, but in the quiet of the night, you might even feel like they’re lying right beside you. I don’t know about you, but I’m already on the massive preorder waitlist for this awesome invention.

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