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9 Gifts for your husband that look expensive but aren’t

We all want to impress our husbands and partners with luxurious holiday gifts that let them know how much we appreciate them. But if money is an object this year, these great, inexpensive gifts won’t disappoint.

It isn’t often that you come across a fantastic gift idea for your husband that is thoughtful, special, expensive looking and doesn’t break the bank. It can be maddening trying to stick to a budget around holiday time when you’d love nothing more than to throw caution to the wind, charge two plane tickets to Maui on your credit card and worry about the bill later.

But, chances are, your spouse will get a lot more out of a sweet gift that looks like a quality purchase, but isn’t going to put you both in debt for years. If you’re out of ideas, check out these nine cool gifts for men that look like they cost you a pretty penny, but are affordable, functional and fun.

1. Tiffany & Co. Beer Mug

Tiffany & Co. Beer Mug
Image: Tiffany & Co.

Turn the tables on your man by giving him the pleasure of finding a Tiffany-blue box under the tree this year. This cool, 16-ounce plaid beer mug from Tiffany is just $45, but feels and looks like fine crystal. And think of how much fun it will be to remind him, every time he pours a brew, that he’s drinking from an extremely fancy cup (Tiffany, $45).

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2. Chant Mini Portable Audio System

Chant Mini Portable Audio System
Image: The House of Marley

If your man is into good tunes, this Bluetooth portable speaker, which offers up to six hours of audio play, is the perfect gift. It’s also a stylish choice, crafted with bamboo detailing (The House of Marley, $50).

3. MVMT Watch

MVMT Watch
Image: MVMT Watches

Minimalists often complain that today’s watches are loaded with far too many superfluous details that make them look busy and cheap. The great thing about MVMT watches is that they’re as bare-boned as possible, but also sleek, trendy and versatile (MVMT Watches, $95).

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4. Mission Belt Co. Belt

Mission Belt Co. Belt
Image: Mission Belt Co.

Know how his belt is always getting frayed around the holes (and how he waits forever to replace it)? Solve the problem for him with this genuine leather belt that features a brushed stainless steel buckle and no holes whatsoever. Available in five shades (Mission Belt Co., $40).

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5. Pick Punch

Pick Punch
Image: Uncommon Goods

Your favorite musician will get a big kick out of making his own guitar picks out of ordinary household items like credit cards and old driver’s licenses. A tool this cool has to cost a lot of money, right? Try less than three fancy cups of latte (Uncommon Goods, $25).

6. Molecular Gastronomy Kit — Cuisine

Molecular Gastronomy Kit — Cuisine
Image: Uncommon Goods

Give him the freedom to combine his love of food and cooking, art and chemistry by gifting him the tools to create interesting new food (like, chocolate spaghetti kind of interesting) with this creative molecular gastronomy how-to kit. Inventors have made everything from arugula spaghetti and balsamic vinegar pearls to raspberry raviolis (Uncommon Goods, $49-$69).

7. Monogram BBQ Branding Iron

Monogram BBQ Branding Iron
Image: BBQ Fans

It’s one thing to love to grill. It’s another to love it so much that you wouldn’t mind putting your initials on every steak you serve. After you’ve already gifted your personal grill master with the tools of his dreams, boost his confidence even more by letting him brand his monogram on his BBQ creations (BBQ Fans, $60).

8. Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones
Image: Amazon

The man who is serious about his whiskey will marvel at this set of nine gray whiskey rocks, which will keep his drink cold longer than ice (and won’t dilute it with water). He can store them in the freezer and take them out a few hours before a party or special night in with you. And the price is so right you can consider these stocking stuffers (Amazon, $8).

9. Odd Job Multi-Tool

Odd Job Multi-Tool
Image: Amazon

Any time something needs fixing, one or both of you probably have to head down to the basement to rummage through a bin of 1,000 tools of all shapes and sizes. The Crescent CMT1000 Odd Job Multi-Tool obviates the need for a separate hammer, mallet, reversible ratcheting bit driver, flexible driver and utility knife by giving you one tool that does (almost) everything. While it might not replace his favorite expensive tool, the price is out of this world (Amazon, $4).

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