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Here’s why some of us are attracted to ‘crazy people’

If you thought being “crazy” was keeping you from finding lasting love. Think again. A new study shows that the more deviant your personality, the more likely you are to find lasting love (sort of, anyway).

The study focused on people with pathological personality traits. These included things like impulsiveness or being neurotic. The results, published int he journal of Evolution & Human Behavior suggest that people with “negative” personality traits had more mates and even more children than average. In other words, “crazy” is not weeded out by natural selection and actually may help people find other to love.


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And yet, not terribly surprising. If you have ever known someone you thought was just a little bat@#$ and wondered how on Earth they’d managed to score a mate, now you know. They were more likely to find someone than you!

The study results show that obsessive-compulsive males—but not females—found long term love better than other, but that was mostly attributed to men with OCD potentially earning more than others. Still, all these people are attracting “normal” partners. Which explains a lot.

I happen to be a very impulsive person and my husband? Isn’t. We work very well and balance one another. I shake up his rut and he keeps me stable. I can see how a person might be attracted to and want to be with someone who displays these traits and also how someone who has these traits might like to be with someone who provides stability. It’s a win-win!

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The fact is, relationships are all about balance. Two crazies might tip the scales. But one person with OCD might make sure the house is clean, keep the schedules in order, and pay the bills on time. They would make a great spouse. And an impulsive person might do romantic things like buy cruise tickets on whim or be waiting naked for their spouse to get home from work. No one is “crazy.” We are all just doing our best and quite frankly, “negative” personality traits are not always bad at all.

So there. Let’s all fly our freak flag and be proud to know we can all find lasting love no matter what.

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