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Danish man travels 6,000 miles to surprise his girlfriend


Hear that sound? It’s millions of women collectively sighing after hearing what Mathias Skaarup did.

You see, Mathias couldn’t bear to wait six months until holiday break to see Anna. So, the Danish man maxed out his credit cards — and took out an extra $200 in cash — to buy a ticket to see his sweetie studying in Santa Barbara, California.

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And he documented the whole thing.
Naturally, Anna was more than a little shocked when Mathias knocked at her door, but her cursing is likely more of an “I can’t believe he came to see me” rather than an “OMG why is he here?” sort of thing.

At least that’s what we’re hoping.

These two high school sweethearts have a tough road ahead when it comes to dating long distance, judging from the difficulties other people in LDRs have to go through to maintain intimacy and communication.

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“Thanks to the tech gods responsible for today’s communication innovations, my relationship doesn’t have to seem so distant,” Betsy Farber wrote in a SheKnows essay about maintaining her relationship with her long-distance sweetie. “We viber, email, Gchat, occasionally make phone calls, but the most priceless selection form of our communication buffet is Skype. This magical conduit has become a part of our relationship — a sort of life preserver that keeps our connection afloat when the hardships of the distance try to drown out our love.”

And it helps if you have one partner willing to plunk down the cash at a moment’s notice to travel around the world. We’re rooting for you, Mathias and Anna!

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