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Photographer posts rant on how guests are ruining wedding pictures


Cell phones are basically just an extension of our bodies now, so they go everywhere now… even in places they shouldn’t.

One of those places is a wedding ceremony.

Sure, weddings are meant for celebration — and provide for many tipsy photo opportunities — but most of the time the photos are taken during the reception, not the actual nuptials. Well, that’s how it used to be.

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These days, well-intending guests are snapping photo after photo as the couple says “I do” and it’s making it that much more difficult for the official photographer to get the right shots.

And one photographer’s had enough.

Australian wedding photographer Thomas Stewart posted a long rant on Facebook to implore couples to have a “completely unplugged wedding ceremony.”

He used a recent photo as an example of the problem.

“Look at this photo. This groom had to lean out past the aisle just to see his bride approaching. Why? Because guests with their phones were in the aisle and in his way,” he wrote.

“This sucks. And i’m [sic] not blaming these guests in particular; I actually take a large amount of responsibility for this occurring. In the past I should have been more specific with my clients in explaining to them why guests should be told no photos. Well, from now on, I’m going to make a pretty big deal about it.”

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Stewart goes on to explain exactly why it’s a problem, including the biggest one: It can straight-up ruin ceremony.

“Imagine you’re in the middle of your wedding ceremony. You’re elated. You decide to take a quick glance towards your guests as you’re sure they’re sharing these happy moments with you, possibly even shedding a tear of their own,” he wrote. “What do you see? NO FACES AT ALL AS THEY ARE ALL HIDDEN BEHIND PHONES AND CAMERAS! I highly doubt this is the way you want to remember your wedding ceremony.”

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He’s hoping to start a no-technology trend at weddings.

“Write it on a chalkboard which guests can see as they arrive on the day,” he wrote. “Tell your celebrant / minister / priest to tell the guests at the start of the ceremony. HIRE A PLANE TO WRITE IT IN THE SKY!”

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