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Man learns the hard way you should never leave your Facebook account open

We’ve all heard funny stories about what happens when we don’t log out of our Facebook accounts but it usually results in nothing more than a strange status update or crude picture. However a London man’s friends took things to a whole new level with their prank.

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On Monday Aziz Huseyin woke up to countless Facebook messages wishing him congratulations and expressing their joy — and he didn’t have a clue what was going on. Unbeknown to Huseyin he had got engaged — the product of an elaborate prank courtesy of his friends after he left his Facebook account open.

This was no ordinary “I’m engaged” status. The pranksters went full out, uploading pictures of the romantic hotel room where the faux engagement took place, which included petals on the bed, cupcakes and the words “Marry Me” spelt out using candles. The series of photos had the caption, “GOODMORNING! She said YES!!! 01/11/2015.”

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Any woman would love this to have been her proposal and hundreds of Huseyin’s family and friends liked the status and congratulated him on the milestone event. Comments include, “Wow! congratulations Broo so happy for you both xx,” “Wow, definitely out of the blue, did not see this coming. Congratulations” and “Awwww so cute!! Congratulations xxxx.”

Surprisingly the woman who Huseyin has been dating, Nealy Shad, wasn’t even that shocked.

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“Aziz messaged me asking if it was me who did it, then I clicked on his Facebook and saw what he was talking about. People were messaging me asking if it was real,” Shad told the Daily Mail. “Honestly, it gave me so much entertainment throughout the whole day,” she added. “It didn’t surprise me that much because he does things like this himself — I thought it was a prank on me!”

Thank goodness Shad can see the funny side of this whole situation but Huseyin will no doubt have some serious pressure to top this proposal when the time does come.

Speaking to the Daily Mail he said, ‘”Talk about a hint,’ that’s what everyone was saying to me — ‘you’ve got to propose now.’ Maybe not anytime soon, but one day hopefully.”

Hilarious or just mean? Let us know your thoughts on this prank in the comments below.

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