Woman who battled anorexia posts 'tummy roll' photos to help inspire others

Nov 4, 2015 at 11:00 p.m. ET

At 14, Megan Jayne was 70 pounds and hospital-bound with a severe case of anorexia.

Fast-forward eight years and the Colchester, England, woman is now at a healthy weight and using her body to show that recovery and self-acceptance is possible because it happened to her.


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Jayne writes about her recovery on Instagram with a series of non-Photoshopped images that shows her body in all its beauty, "thunder thighs" and all.

"If a picture of my tummy rolls or cellulite being shamelessly embraced can show someone else that their body is worth loving too," she told The Daily Mail, "then I will post the most tummy-tastic, lumpy bumpy, thunder-thigh pictures that I can take."


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Her message is an important one: If we wait until the "perfect" time to love our bodies, then we miss so much of our lives because nothing is perfect. "We tie ourselves down with chains of 'I'll do that when I lose weight' and 'I can't do that how I look now,' and we give up our current happiness for a promise that never comes," she wrote on her blog.

Jayne's beauty radiates through every photo — and she hopes it'll inspire other women battling eating disorders to love themselves as they are, right now.


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"If I can fall in love with my body after all I've been through anyone can — they just have to believe that they deserve it. I honestly believe that body positivity has the power to save lives, and that is my mission," she said.