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Couples rereading their first conversations is hilariously cringeworthy (VIDEO)


We’ve all had horrible dates and made truly horrific first impressions (if you haven’t, you’re a superwoman), but a new video has reminded us of just how awkward meeting someone for the first time can really be.

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The folks over at BuzzFeed made a video using three couples: Mallory and Kevin (together for 10 months), Devin and Patrick (9 months) and Matt and Allyson (8 years), all of whom met using online dating sites (yes, there is hope for you, even after all those awful Tinder dates). But the very best part of this whole video is when the couples read out their first messages to one another and they are hilariously cringeworthy.

Mallory describes her meeting with Kevin as a “freaky Tinderella story” — we love her already — and she only gets cooler, because among her first messages was the line, “I have to pee.”

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Devin and Patrick met on OKCupid, and when it came to making a first impression, Devin really went all out, using phrases like “catching grapes in my mouth” and “compose my entire inner monologue.”

Oh, the glorious, glorious awkward jokes…

Matt and Allyson’s relationship has withstood the test of time, but Patrick’s message includes mention of Russell Crowe in Cinderella Man, and Allyson’s are close to the typical clichés, like “going for early morning bike rides” and “going to the beach.” All she needed to add were “long walks” and “romantic sunsets.” Jokes, she’s totally awesome — we wish we were that smooth.

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When you’re trying to make a good impression you pull out all the stops, try out your latest pickup lines and just do your very best to be memorable, but evidently, it fails more often than not. Although, we really do like the fact that there are some matches made using online dating sites. Nice one, guys!

For more hilarity, watch the video below.

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